My weekly favourite shadow and reflection hunters

Hello friends,

@nelinoeva here to present my top shadow and reflection posts from the last week. I am glad to feature these posts and ask you to support their authors. Let's give them some love.


How did I choose my favourite posts? It is subjective of course, but I look for both photo and text to capture my attention.

I will start with the reflections of @corvidae and yes, droplets are among my favourites. Like @corvidae explained the images are refraction. It is good to know. You can be surprised how much details one droplet can hold.

Reflection Hunters: My entry for Round 21

I can't miss this wonderful piece of art @moretea shows us. It is called The Golden Hour. No, I am not going to tell you why it is called as such, follow the link and visit the post and you will learn.

The Golden Hour Artwork • Reflection Hunters Contest Entry Round 21

And my third favourite reflection post is @juancar347's. Always a pleasure viewing his photos and reading the text, it is like a poem.

Reflection Hunters Contest Round # 22: Platonic Speculations

Let's see who are my favourite shadow hunters

Undoubtedly @eolianpariah got always something original and this post is not an exeption. Look at this hairdo, can you guess what it is?

entry sh 174 titled: chakra curtains

@antikus369 caught some great shadows of the children. Summer is the best season for plays, isn't it?

Entry for the Shadow Contest. Shadow Hunters Contest Round 174. Summer, our children and shadows

We all can learn from such an experienced shadow hunter, such as @jlufer. He has collected a nice mix of shadow photos. Check it out,

¨ShadowHuntersContest¨ # 174 Exclusive Hive material Mobile and walking shadows (Spanish-English) Sombras móviles y ambulantes (Español-Inglés)

And that's it. My week's selection of favourite posts in Shadow Hunters Community.

I enjoyed a lot putting them together and I hope you too, viewing them.

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