entry sh 174 titled: chakra curtains

this is not a shadow of me after i did my hair up, though it could have been. rather it is simply a cactus on the window sill casting it's shadow on the curtain at my wife's workplace

and here's another one. the room has a series of plain colored silk curtains arranged side by side to represent all the chakra colors- which are basically the colors of the rainbow with a twist or two. the heart chakra could be green but she has chosen pink and the crown chakra is white. so the order is:
root- red
sex- orange
solar plexus- yellow
pink (or green)- heart
blue- throat
violet- third eye
white- crown

there are differences of opinion regarding the third eye and crown colors but that doesn't really matter here since we are focusing on the shadows. regardless the curtains give a nice appropriate atmosphere to her workplace.
and the shadows add an interesting element to the progressive vertical color scheme.

there are venetian type blinds in all the windows so when the slats are opened they cast their shadows on the curtains. the unevenly ruffled curtains produce uneven shadow patterns

the windows themselves are old style side-hinged with 6 panes separated by muntins which compound the design of the shadows. just today i was repairing some of these windows on another part of the building so i can attest to the fact that they look nice but require a lot of maintenance.

these next images are different variations of the shadows from the blind slats




that's all folks the show is over so time to drop the curtain, shadows and all

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