entry shadow hunters 160 titled stand together

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this stand alone entry is titled stand together
because the larger footprint on the right is my own and the smaller on the left is my wife's. we were standing on arawali beach in southern maharashtra, india catching the december sunset a couple of years ago and decided to have some fun. unfortunately this lovely image was washed away in the next tide.

now technically this post is not a stand alone entry because when we were recently walking on the moon my wife suggested we try to resurrect that nice beach image here on the surface of the moon. so we took off our moonboots and sure enough we managed to replicate almost exactly the prints from the beach. the lighting was totally different but the moon dust was surprisingly similar to beach. sand. happily the alluring prints on the moon are still there and hopefully will last for centuries. if you don't believe me just go and see for yourself

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