Toying with AI art and mixing it


What a perfect way to spend a day when not having to go to work because of a bit of a flu and a perfect distraction for doomscrolling. Thanks @penderis! :)

Disco Diffusion is the one I've been ordered to do so I will (definitely try to start it today) after I've stopped my doomscrolling and procrastination.

Anyway, I've toyed with AI art this week, I've just been caught up with the current situation so much that I've almost forgot about everything else than the war and Putin memes and although everything else than the human suffering seems so pointless, now more than ever because doomscrolling isn't new to me, because and suffering isn't a new thing to the world, this time I've done it more than ever and as other people too who normally couldn't care less about grownups and children dying in wars, are also victims of doomscrolling, it now has a name and I have no idea how to end this sentence or this paragraph so I'm just saying that haven't lost any sleep, am not distressed because this is what I've done before too because I have no interest in taking selfies or sharing you my daily lunches or what I'm wearing or doing stupid cheer messages in any place where it actually matters as much as dog poo on snow which actually matters more than empty promises of support but not even showing up when you need the supporter or people saying how they need to protect themselves and take a break from all the horrible news because they feel bad because they now now more than ever before that people die in wars and children suffer and as they seem to have no mean to deal with the fact that the world is a bad place, always has been to someone out there, perhaps not so much to you, so they just choose to close their eyes and not listen when someone says that they have problems or issues or suffer because of bad people but guess what, if you privileged person over there ever get bullied, beaten, suffer from depression, are poor or your country ends up being in a war imagine how the people around you or in other countries react so you better hope they don't end up saying: "I can't deal with all this bad news, don't talk to me."

Was that too much?

I guess you could say that I am a bit passionate about this.

I wasn't quite sure to which community I could cram my post in to because the art I've made is about 50/50 mine/other. It's from news photo and from Wombo dream and although Wombo has the policy (at least they've stated this in discord) that you can create new art from the art you've created in their app or web site, you can't claim it yours or sell it or anything like that. But art derived from this that I've made is of course totally okay as long as the art where you can see clearly that it's made by wombo, is far less than 50% of the art or not recognizable anymore.

And my part in this is CC0 so go right ahead if you wish to create something out of this.

So I've settled for Neoxian, not Alien art or collage art, not to mention any other art related community because I would perhaps break their rules. And this post might be a mix of different stuff, not just mixed art.

Dream_TradingCard (3).jpgbad_putin_1.jpgputinhead.png
Wombo DreamCC0CC0

Previous CC0 art I've made:

I tried other AI art apps too and here are the ones that either tickled me the most or the ones I'm most impressed with. Of course it's nothing like the proper AI art tools are capable of but as seeing art is subjective, I dare to show you also images that are not detailed photorealistic scenes from the future or some distant planet with civilization or life in it.

Guess what words I've used. :D Or sentences in this case.


I don't actually remember the sentences anymore, I invented different ones each time but there definitely was the words Putin and war and perhaps in some also Ukraine, bloody, a frog, troll, alien, horrible and butcher. Pencil drawing, monochrome and darkness may have been also used.

The first row, middle one, I freaking wish I would have created it. I love it!

Second row, first and third image, what faces. The first one, awful but fascinating, the third one, I see a cute alien there, with bloody face and yellows eyes. Marvellous.

Third row, third image: this is what you get when you write something about Russia being cut of from the internet. Awesome interpretation from the AI.

Fourth row, first and second image, obviously frog fighters. I love the tanky that wants to be a proper tank in the first image.

And the very last image, isn't it obvious that there's a nuclear orthodox church plant and on the foreground a bloody battlefield? To me it is.

Let's see how Wombo Dream did.

Dream_TradingCard (1).jpgDream_TradingCard (6).jpgDream_TradingCard (11).jpg
Dream_TradingCard (2).jpgDream_TradingCard (14).jpgDream_TradingCard (15).jpg
Dream_TradingCard (4).jpgDream_TradingCard (7).jpgDream_TradingCard (8).jpg
Dream_TradingCard (16).jpgDream_TradingCard (30).jpgDream_TradingCard.jpg

(There may have been a spider in there somewhere. Frogs, out, spiders, in.)

I have to say that although there are few which I really like, I liked more the ones that Nebula 41 made. Nebula 41 actually creates videos but I failed to make a reasonable sized gifs out of those videos so I just saved the end result and made it better and larger with SwinIR.

First one, third image is perhaps my favourite one. Third row, second image, there's a mechanical octopus soldier there, which is kinda interesting.

The difference with Wombo Dream and Nebula 41 is that in Nebula 41 you have more control over the style. If you choose the advanced mode, you can describe what ever style you want and what's important, if you think it's important, you can say that the image is more detailed because the AI creates only what you want it to create. In Wombo dream there are only the pre defined styles and already I am seeing repetition and in most cases recognize the style. And that's a little boring.

But, as I already said, Nebula 41 is still not one of the best ones because it's easy to use, light and quick. Nothing like Disco Diffusion which I am told I have to try out. :) Yes, I will, I will.

I have a terrible urge to drown you to Putin memes (again) and thought about making a meme post, (again), which has only memes in it. But I think that if memes are the only thing I would have to put in to a post, no new opinions, only things that I've already said, I perhaps shouldn't do just a meme post. Like these:


I will bug you with few of the best ones that I've stumbled upon since my last meme post. And try to keep it short.

Sorry. :)
Not sorry.

Memes and art made by other people.











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