Project Hive - SOS Call!

Hive, I am keeping ph-fund as a beneficiary of this article with all my consciousness, within my rights, and because you give me this authority to decide for myself. Why would you have such a feature if you didn't want me to use it? I believe You will not become the next Steemit where I ran from because they were a step closer to being controlled & centralized every day. Please restore our trust in the Decentralized Social Media that you are!


First Time

I took a break from Steemit for a while and when I joined it back 2 months back, I realized there had been many developments including the fork that gave birth to this beautiful project, Hive. As soon as I joined Hive, I wrote my first piece and I admired how original content was being appreciated here and how people were actually promoting, welcoming, and inviting on this community.

Within the next few hours, my first post that I was so happy about started getting downvotes with some baseless accusations. HiverWatchers apparently flagged me even before I joined Hive and they downvoted my post and left comments what would embarrass me. In fact, their only job was to embarrass me in front of my readers. So like a good, obedient citizen, I joined their discord server to discuss the matter and ask about the reason I was embarrassed with those comments and downvotes. Well, their excuse was, their bot linked me with some group who was doing something way back and they put me on their blacklist since then. The group which I never heard of, the group's story that I never heard of, the hive that I just heard about, and the HiveWatchers who I just received downvotes from...

This was all too much controlling for me and in a way felt like Cyber Bullying just because I dared to confront and ask questions. Then they Undid what they did but never apologized to me, not even privately and they expect everyone else to apologize publically by writing an apologetic post, exactly the same way our controlling teachers would do in less privileged parts of the world! Instead of apologizing, they started looking into my 2017 posts they forked from steemit, and told me "maybe I did deserve those downvotes". Well if anyone did deserve those downvotes, it was you for bringing my content here to your community only to remind me that my content was not liked by you. I closed this chapter of my life by never speaking about it and by staying silent.

Second Time

My second episode on Hive was indirect, however, heartfelt. Another project, a.k.a. (which I love by the way) happened to face the wrath of HiveWatchers and when I started to read about the conflict more, I learned that they did the same thing with them. They undo their stuff, and they never publically or privately apologize. They do not take responsibility for destroying someone's reputation.

By this time, I was looking at my 2 weeks in this community and feeling like being controlled all too much. If it was about Original Content, the original content should not have been downvoted, and when asked, the responses should not have to be disrespectful and angry. Kudos to your efforts for the community, but you can't be always right and when wrong, the same is expected of you as is expected from people who have been proclaimed guilty by you.

Third Time

My third episode of the same sort was yesterday between April 13th and 14th. I just finished writing a piece for Project Hope and received great support. I know it was supported because My content was manually curated, and manually voted and then a curation trail followed.

It was original content, and it got as much attention as it deserved. So the people voting it actually read it and decided to support me.

I soon started receiving downvotes on my post and upon investigation, I found that OCD has some kind of disagreement on certain things with Project Hope.

Now I was officially feeling like my "P.S. Note".

OCD is another community and torchbearer of Original Content on Hive. Their sole job is to promote and contribute towards Original Content, however, they feel like doing a bunch of other stuff too.

So basically, my post was downvoted by the torch bearers of Original Content without even reading my content. I know it was downvoted out of anger because OCD did not even read my post before downvoting it.

I being an obedient small fish of the pond dared to talk to them in their discord servers only to be made to feel little. Out of the two guys answering my questions, one being sarcastic and somehow blaming me for the downvotes and the other one trying to answer properly and telling me they don't like the concept of beneficiaries taking away all my money. We as a community should strive to work together now that we have already been forked not belittled and thrown over and flushed every time we try to reason.

I want to point out why I can do whatever I please with my rewards and money.

  1. I am an adult.
  2. I am using a Decentralized Blockchain platform that claims to be a free speech, chain breaker, social media platform.
  3. It is my original content.
  4. It is my reward that Hive blockchain decided to give me.
  5. It is from the community I wrote this piece for.
  6. It is a donation, not a sale.
  7. Hive allows you to do it.
  8. If this is wrong, then every kind of reward/profit sharing or donating is wrong on the hive.

I appreciate what HiveWatchers are doing, it's hard work and sometimes you get on the wrong foot. I also appreciate what OCD is doing, and they also have the right to be angry for working so hard. But please understand the version of people who are assuring you that they are not buying or selling votes, and they are donating out of their love and compassion for the community.

I appeal to everyone, please come together, and let's make this community more understanding and welcoming. If you are a whale or a shark, please do not eat us small fishes, it is us who run through the veins of this community while you make decisions for us being the brain and hearts of this community.

P.S. I am a small fish, trying to swim on the shores, but sharks and whales keep finding their way to me...


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