Introducing THE 5TH GROUP

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I don’t know where you come from but don’t you know someone or have someone in your neighborhood who is really skilled or talented in a particular field but still broke because of lack of support? Where I come from it’s heartbreakingly rampant. Our communities and neighborhoods are populated with highly skilled and talented youth who are being wasted away because “we don’t know anyone”.

Where I’m from it’s not about what you know or how good you are, it’s about who you know. You can be the best performing talent in your field(sports, entertainment, etc) but if you don’t know the right people (which is mostly the case as a result where one comes from) you’re going to end up starving to death and having your talent or gift being rotten away.

The government doesn’t care about us the youth. They only care about their stomach and their family’s. There should have been a support system for youth who are passionate about a particular thing or talented in a particular area. I believe there is, but it is not working because those in charge of making it work only care about their stomach and their family’s.


Before I get into us I want to introduce myself briefly.

"FB887EB2-3C41-428B-88B5-FFCD75D96FD0.jpeg" Myself(@zzzinnn)

My name is Maazin and I’m on Hive as @zzzinnn. I come from the northern region of Ghana in west Africa. Per where I come from it makes sense that I have 14 siblings whom are all under the care of my father who really doesn’t have a job but he has been able to put all of us who have come to the age through the university. (I’m in my 5th and final year). I’m a very ambitious and compassionate young lad. I believe lack of money should not be a barrier or pose a threat to anyone’s journey of life to success. Especially if you have a skill or talent you’re good at. Thank you.


THE 5TH GROUP is a team of skilled and talented youth who are dedicated to helping individuals with talent and passion in any field or industry achieve success. We operate as a talent agency/management company. We support young people in our communities who are talented in any particular field or who are passionate about a particular thing and have shown seriousness in it.

Our support comes in the form of providing them with what they would have needed money to pay for. We help with their exposure and promotion by providing graphic design, photoshoot, and marketing and advertising services for them at no cost. We become their agents and help them monetize their talents, skills and passion. We go as far as organizing full fledged events in their name for their promotion purposes. Our business model ensures that we are fully invested in the success of our project, so we work tirelessly to help them achieve their dreams.

"9281D56F-127D-45AF-A4CD-B6FB20BB0782.jpeg" Our Vision We envision a world where every talent survives on their talent, and passions survive on their passion.


Our Mission We realize our vision by representing talents and helping them make a living out of their talents and passion.

It is so sad the way the youth are so talented but are still starving and stuck. It is the core objective of THE 5TH GROUP to give these talents the needed support and guidance to make livelihoods out of their talents and passion.

We have understood that a typical talent management agency has a lot of resources including money, and a rich network of contacts and connections. Money here is used to pay for such services for the talents as photoshoot, advertisement(graphic; print/online, radio, tv, etc) and general promotional purposes. The rich network helps the management to easily open doors for the talent; give the talent the requisite exposure, and ultimately put them at the right places at the right times.

As a startup, we recognize that money cannot stop us. So we have put together a team who possesses all of these skills we would have needed money to access. We have solved the money problem.

When it comes to the issue of the network of contacts, we can use the few contacts we have now in the industry and we know and we are determined to build more as we grow.

Our Team

THE 5TH GROUP is a full-service agency that specializes in helping individuals through talent representation. We have a team of skilled and talented youth who are passionate about helping others succeed.

Our team is made of 8 members consisting of 2 executive directors, 1 managing director, and 5 managers.

The 2 executive directors include myself(@zzzinnn) and @smariam. The executive directors are the genesis of this whole idea and they give their life and make sure the company is alive and running. The managing director is @gunu1, who’s role is to coordinate sub-projects and make sure they’re executed successfully.

The 5 managers includes, 2 highly skilled graphic designers, 1 professional photographer, 1 content strategist, and 1 brand influencer(content creator for our socials).
These are people with unique skillsets managing different aspects of the company.

Gallery of team members

"7FD692C7-F781-4EC2-BBAB-6404E19EA9DC.jpeg" Our Executive Director/COO (@smariam)

68B43903-771F-433A-8781-F922A2D055F8.jpeg Our Executive Director/CEO (@zzzinnn)

C180D48D-B063-43DC-BFDC-871843C11814.jpegOur Managing Director (@gunu1)

114F691B-4167-45B8-B1CD-B572D5F9ED62.jpeg Our Graphic Designer

A77D0007-F4BC-48E9-BBF3-DC10C884DE1F.jpeg Our Graphic Designer

28131204-67F3-43AE-B935-09C011580EA3.jpegOur Content Strategist

8CFFA4EB-2498-4720-8F72-541961FBDC9B.jpeg Our Brand Influencer

13C13148-42FE-4AC2-A527-0845D483E44D.jpeg Our Photographer

Our Business Model

We offer our services for free, but we take a percentage share of the success of the talent/project we support. This allows us to align our incentives and be invested in the talent's success.


Like any other startup, we don’t have everything figured out. We are inspired

“by the principle of put your best foot forward” “Go as far as you can when you reach that point you’ll see further and go again, when you reach that point too you’ll see further and go again…”
Hanu, founder of Patricia

PS: We are currently in preparations for our first event for our first project(talent). It’s going to take place on Saturday 11th February 2023 on our university campus. Details of that event will follow in our next post.

Dear well wishers, kindly delegate some hive power to us to help us share our journey with you.

Thanks for reading. See you in our next post.

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