Introducing! How you can write everyday on Hive

A few weeks ago, I had stated with strong convictions what my blog will be about. It was the fact that I will be sharing stories about myself. My life experiences and the lessons I derived from them on this post, What are your hopes for your blog?

I was able to do it for a few weeks and then I stopped. I couldn't follow through with publishing every day. The feeling of imperfection showed up and I didn't want to publish anything that wouldn't affect someone's life. I was on Hive reading other people's posts without publishing mine.

It gets difficult to write everyday but you can try

Until the newbie initiative gave us our first assignment. We were supposed to share what our hive goals for the next three months are. I memorize the deadline and still sulk at writing anything. Once it was October 8, I was done reading other people's blogs and not sharing anything. That was too selfish of me, I should consume as well as produce. That way, I will be living a balanced life. So I told hivers my goals in this post, Revealed! How I am going to hit the 70 reputation mark in three months

I did follow through with the first goal which was to write at least one post every day. Initially, I thought it will be difficult again. I found it easy when I remembered those hopes I stated on the post I mentioned above; I put on my writing hats and wrote.

This happened three days ago. In the last three days, I have found writing easy and it's because I have made up my mind to step out of myself and share my life lessons with everyone. The process is telling them as though I am talking to myself. With this method, I feel as though I am listening to another person talk.

Try gossiping about things that happens to you, it turns into a blog post

Miraculously, I have found that I am consciously paying attention to all of the things I revealed and how they affected me. I am also drawn to the results because if I was facing a challenge, writing about it gives me the conviction that I will be able to find a solution soon.

It's reflected in my post about tattoos, and how I have wanted one but fear the rage of my mum if she ever finds out. The solution is already in my head because I shared it, and my mind worked out endless means by which I can get a tattoo without upsetting my mum. You can read about it here, Is there a story behind your tattoos?

Yesterday, I happened to sign up for a Multi-Level Marketing platform and I already have in mind my reasons for doing so and what I hope to gain from this decision apart from the earnings.

Today, I took a nap in the afternoon, and I dreamt that someone was upset about joining the MLM organization, and felt cheated. In my dream, I remember asking why he was upset, and once he explained, I told him with convictions that he wasn't making a bad decision.

I clearly explained that the amount of money he paid is nothing compared to all of the valuable lessons he will be privileged to gain from the training and process. The mere fact
that he will interact with other humans who are doing well in this organization is a plus to him.

When I woke up, the human who invited me called and said the exact words to me. It was shocking. I wasn't complaining about joining or thinking I have been cheated. This human repeating those words I spoke with that guy in my dreams made me realize that the physical world, and our dream world might be working together.

You see I had shared yesterday how I wanted access to the MLM organization, by asking the question, What do you know about multi-level marketing?

I explained I joined so I can learn what the sharing economy is about, and how I can leverage that knowledge, and earn more in other ways. It moved from my blog on hive to my dream. This is because I explained this to the person in my dreams with boldness as though I know a lot about the system already, which, I don't.

Starting tomorrow, I will be attending a 1-hour training segment, and I am hoping that there will be a lot of resources for my learning. You can be rest assured that I will share them with you. I am committed to making sure we grow together and that we do that without prejudice.

If you are having difficulty with writing every day, try stepping out of yourself and write as though you are gossiping about yourself to another pair of ears. You will be surprised how much information you have in your head, and how valuable it will be to other people out there.

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