Is there a story behind your tattoos?

The first time I had an encounter with tattoos, I was still a child. My uncle came home from school one evening with a pierced body. He had a tattoo called, "big show" on his arm.

My mum was angry at him. His friends applauded him. I looked at him with awe. I liked what I saw, but, I was a little scared because mum wasn't happy at all. I heard stories that those who had tattoos are cultists and my uncle should have it erased. Others mentioned, people perceive those with tattoos as bad folks.

I'll get a tattoo one of these days

My Uncle said it hurt him when he had the inscription, but that it's only for a few days. He told me his body will adapt to the changes and the pains will be gone soon.

After much persuasion, mum stopped complaining about the act. My uncle did help by constantly covering himself around mum, and flaunting it in her absence.

The second time I had an encounter with Tattoo, it wasn't direct. I saw it in the movie, Nikita. I loved the butterfly tattoo she had on when she woke up half-naked in bed with Michael. I yearn to have the exact tattoo when I grow up. I still had fears about my mum being against it. So I had to wait until I had grown up.

Have I grown up yet? Yes. Have I had this tattoo yet? No. I still feel afraid of the pains my uncle explained to me as a child. Somewhere in my heart I know I will get tattooed.

However, I didn't realize tattoos had more meanings than the mere fact that I need them pierced on me. It transcends beyond my childish yearnings. I didn't know this until I saw the movie, "Nobody".

Hutch simply tells anyone he meets including the police that he is nobody. He is a man who wanted a life with a wife and children. He wanted a family. So he had left his job as an auditor to start a family. He hid behind this shield and no one knew about his past.

His identity was revealed when his house got robbed by a man and woman, and this led to a missing catty bracelet. The bracelet belonged to his daughter, Hutch went after the thieves even though he had let them go the night they robbed him.

He searched for them using the tattoo he saw on one of them. Initially, he had trouble finding them, until, he showed up in the tattoo store, and one of the guys noticed his tattoo.

Everyone dreaded an auditor, and his tattoo was linked to a long line of trained assassins, often employed by intelligence agencies. Everyone feared him and his lineage. Once one of the men identified him through his tattoo, all of the information he needed was given to him.

With this movie, I understood there is more to tattoos. It's an identity. And it can either bring one destruction or honor and respect. Someone who can identify a certain tattoo will be able to recognize anyone bearing such piercing.

With Hutch, the people who knew him and his family history didn't get in his way. The ones who did saw the destruction. He was tactical. He created complex, yet simple maneuvers to claim his enemy's life. He calculated each of his opponent's steps and went one step ahead of him. This strategic planning gave him victory.

I am scrapping out other part of this movie and focus on the areas where tattoos changed the dynamic of events. I also do not want to give you spoilers if you are yet to see this movie. I recommend the movie to you, though. It's full of lessons.

Do I still want to get a tattoo? Most definitely. One of these days I will fulfill this childhood yearning and it might probably be a butterfly.

Will I let it be obvious? Considering the things I am planning on putting my hands into, no. It can only be found if one is paying attention to details. You can be rest assured I will get a tattoo, no matter how long it will take.

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