What do you know about multi-level marketing?

I was supposed to cover for my best friend in one of her tests today. She sent the material needed for the test a few days ago. I had planned to stay up throughout last night and study since it was only a four-page document.

I woke up in the morning and my device had a fault, my phone needed repairs. I had it fixed only to switch on my phone and discover that the test had been canceled. I was a bit upset because I painstakingly decided to fix my phone because of her test. I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't have that test today.

The fact that the test was canceled changed a lot of plans too. I had already told my brother that he can have my room for the night as I will be spending time in school preparing for the test. And so he planned to spend time with his friend in my house while I go to school and read for tests.

When the test was canceled, l had to rack my head and look for where to spend the night since I couldn't ask my brother to cancel his plans. Another problem was that we already told Mum and Dad that he was going to spend the night at my place, so going back and forth with the plans was not a good idea.

I took my bath in the evening still thinking about where I was going to spend my night. All of my friends had gone home to their parents and none of them lived on their own nor close by. Then a light showed through when I got connected to the internet. I ask one of them if he knew where we could go and probably hang out with friends for the night.

He told me his friends had plans and that we could join them if I wanted to but that I should wait to let him communicate with them first.

Once we had a hang of where we were going we moved. I didn't go with him, though, I had to go meet him. On the way, I met a young man who was drawn to me by my smiles. So we got talking and he found out that I write. He asked where I was going and I gave him the details of my journey.

I explained that I was on my way to meet a friend so that we can go hang out with his friends. And that I am going to stop by an eatery for a few minutes and write while waiting for my friend to meet me. It was at that same point that I sat down and wrote the post that I published last night about tattoos.

So the young man said he was on his way to the same eatery and that he wanted to get bread for dinner. For this reason, he asked that he speaks with me for a few minutes while I wait for my friend

I had no issues, when he was done buying his bread, he came down to where I sat and started talking. He asked me if I would be willing to do something else and add to my current writing profile. Something that will earn me money.

I said yes. I was curious to know what it was that I could do as another source of income but he wasn't willing to divulge all the information right there and then. Instead, he told me, I am supposed to go to an office the next morning which is today by 11 a.m., and attend a seminar.

He gave me directions on how to locate the venue and what it was I'm supposed to say once I get there. We exchange contacts and I promise I was going to attend the seminar the next day. He promises to check up on me as well and then we'll bid ourselves farewell.

I sat down, completed my article, and published it before my friend got to me. We had a long night and it was full of lessons. I was able to discover that most people do not know they are supposed to get enough publicity for their functions. This is going to be a story for another day. Today I want to tell you what happened when I got to the seminar this morning.

I had the opportunity to learn about MLM today

I told my brother that I have a feeling the whole thing is going to be Multilevel marketing (MLM) medium and that I wasn't going to do it if my guess is right, and once I got there, I found out I was right it was an MLM but I signed up for it.

I didn't do it because I wanted to be able to talk to other people about it and tell them to join us so that I'll be able to earn from them. The reason I signed up was that they said they were going to be plenty of weeks of lessons on financial education. We will have the opportunity to learn a lot about it while using only one hour of our time.

As it stands, I already have an affiliate marketing account so I understand what it means to tell someone to buy a product and you get a commission for it. With this MLM, I do not have a problem recommending something for someone.

All I am interested in is what I want to get from this project so that I can use it to further my cause, my own business. I am hoping that they have a package full of lessons that will be worth the money I paid and more.

If I decide to earn from the sharing economy of their platform, I'll tell someone, and if they are interested and have the funds, they can go right ahead and sign up too.

For me, I am being selfish right now, I want access to everything they know about the sharing economy, so I can learn and apply the principles to the things that I already love doing.

Most of the time, the universe gives us access to people who will help change our lives. If we take conscious steps to ensure we grab all opportunities, our lives may have different turns. At the same time, if we always throw away opportunities to learn, we might lengthen our journey to financial freedom.

Most definitely, we have always learned before we can earn, and then leverage the means through which our money bag is constantly refilled.

I hope that this MLM training will have financial lessons that will make my journey worthwhile. I don't have full information on it as it stands. I will update you on subsequent meetings. Please stay tuned.

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