Revealed! How I am going to hit the 70 reputation mark in three months

Once I set foot here, it has been a different experience altogether. I would have had a boring month if I didn't. September was fun because I joined Hive and I looked forward to every day that I get to login into my account.

I have met lots of friends and it's reflected in the number of followers that I gained. I am soaked up in the thinking of a lot of folks here and I must say the journey has been worth it.

Originally, I had decided not to skip any day without publishing. As time went on, my morales showed up, and I held myself back every time I feel as though the post isn't worthy of this platform.

I struggle and fight with my spirit being every time as a result of this. I always wanted to make sure all of my posts speak volumes and can communicate a message. Without that, I just browse through my feed and let the day pass without dropping anything.

I hope that in the next three months, starting today, I will no longer leave my blog empty for any reason. I hope that I will have reasons to write about anything and still pass thoughtful messages to my beloved followers.

What are my Hive goals by the End of the Initiative (In 3 months)?

My goals

In the next three months, my goal is to;

  • Consistently publish at least one post daily

  • Enter all of my favorite contests without missing out on anyone

  • To gain up to 1000 followers or more.

  • To reach the 70 reputation mark

  • To have up to 1000HP or more

  • Get myself acquainted with Hive enough to tell the rest of the world about it.

How do I plan to achieve these goals?

I will try as much as possible to turn all of my life experiences into writings. This way, even a fight with my neighbor will be well defined and proof-written. Then, I will publish it here.

By turning all of my experiences into writings, I give myself the chance to reflect on everything and share the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and lessons gained with you. As you read every paragraph, I am hoping it will speak to you and give hope, assurance, faith, courage, etc. This is one of the ways I will be able to make sure I publish at least one post daily.

Contests will give me exposure, and I will have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. So I will participate in all of my favorite contests, for example, the DCC tag contest, the Ladies of Hive contest, etc.

With contest and post publishing, I will move on to find followers through my engagement. I will make sure I leave behind thoughtful comments on people's posts. I'll let them know and feel the love that is shared around Hive by the way I appreciate their efforts through my comments. With joy in each of their hearts, I am sure they will hit the follow button and I will do the same.

I envy everyone who is on the 70 reputation mark but in a good way. This is because I am willing to go all the way to dine amongst them. I will do my best to share articles that will provoke an upvote, comment, and follow. This way once the community appreciates me with their votes, my reputation will move forward too. I am hoping to celebrate my 70 reputation mark by the end of this initiative.

Through the upvotes I receive from posting, commenting, and interacting in the community, my HP will increase. I know 1000HP is a big dream for a beginner but I am willing to put myself on the line and do all that it takes to get there. I am praying the universe will stay with me till the end.

Once I continue to stay and relate with everyone. I will become familiar with some of the things here. With this familiarity, I will be confident enough to preach the gospel of hive to the next human. And I'll do so with all of my heart.

I asked that the community will help me achieve all of my goals through their support.

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