Introducing The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway - Come and make this your own!


Give, give, give, all scream, but how about getting something back!

A brief summary!

This is an exciting new concept that we have titled, “The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway”, it will work on a trusted and verifiable numbers system. Each donation of 1 HBD will be automatically assigned a number every week, numbers will be drawn and prizes will be awarded. It's similar to a lucky draw.


Conditions and rules!
  • Tips are accepted (0.990 HBD = 1)
  • Entries are not limited (ex. 2 HBD = 2 numbers)
  • The number of prize draws and prize amounts will be calculated on a percentage of the actual participants.
  • After payout, a comment will be made to end the draw and the new week's post will be released.
  • Don't worry, updates and specific details on the first week's prize will be mentioned in the 1st weekly post (coming soon)
  • Each number may only qualify for 1 prize, so if the same number appears twice, another draw will happen (ie. 1,1 is not possible).
  • If you miss the time, you will be added to the next draw.
More Details and Info: @combination/the-weekly-hive-charity-giveaway-details-and-info

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The benefits are two fold and a win-win for everyone!

Not only will you become a partner in the work of the legendary @papilloncharity, but you are also helping them with their dignity by enabling them to give something back to their supporters.

The question is always, where would the money go? Who will it benefit? How can we be sure that we are really helping? Sound familiar?

Go and have a look at The Papillon Foundation’s track record in South Africa. Visit their website and also their Facebook page. See all of the miracles that were created for the poor through this small charity. Papillon has no CEO that draws a fabulous salary, its board of members are all volunteers and the charity is community owned.

Some head spinning stats here; 1698 computers loaded with Microsoft Windows 10, distributed to poor farm schools and other worthy causes.

10,000 Incontinent Nappies distributed to Old Age and Children homes!

This introduction above is for everyone that has not heard about @papilloncharity yet!

And finally, some good news here!
No funding will be requested from the Hive rewards pool and this venture will not be listed as a Hive 'DAO' proposal project. Please see the Info Post for more details.
We, all of us as Hive members can do this on our own and we can show the world out there, not only our care but also what we are doing about it!
So, come and get your number every week, as soon as we launch.


Note: We invite constructive critical comments and please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts here in the comments. No one will be rejected and we will answer every comment. Let us have your thoughts on this great matter!

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