Hive Empowers Communities Project: Launching The Hive Water Project Tomorrow


We are happy to inform the Hive community that the third Hive-powered project has been completed successfully and will be launched tomorrow.The entire project had to go through three phases to be finished, as was described in our previous updates posts.

The project's first phase involved drilling the borehole and pump installation. The second phase had involved building the tower that would house the water tank, the wall for the taps, and finished with plumbing and electrical work.

Phase three which is about the launch and media coverage for more publicity, would be the last phase now that we have successfully completed the first two phases. It's a crucial stage where we meet the residents of Anwomaso at the project site and hand over the water facility to them.



Tomorrow's programme is scheduled below:
Project : Hive Borehole Project
Venue: Anwomaso-Kumasi, Ghana
Date: 14/07/22
Time:10:00 am

Tomorrow's event will allow us to spread the word about Hive, exposing its potential and inviting everyone who wants to be part of the revolution to join us. With this launch, we've decided to deliver a presentation to people in the community, particularly to the youths, who would like to join us on Hive.

Again, we have a media crew that will capture every moment of the event with their cameras and then share on their various online platforms to help spread the word about the project and raise awareness about Hive.

This is one of the most essential aspects in which we will use these platforms to educate others about Hive.

Following the launch, we want to hold a conference inviting all people from all walks of life to give presentations on Hive and expose them to the various possibilities in the world of Hive.


We are really pleased with the progress accomplished thus far, and we are also pleased that people are learning about Hive since we began the Hive empowers communities projects in Ghana.

We have accepted some invitations from radio stations that have learnt about the continuing Hive Projects, and we will provide updates on that. We want to use the opportunity following the launch to engage prospective investors and individuals as we use various platforms to educate them about Hive.

Our appreciation goes to @valueplan the sponsor of the project. We would also like to mention the following people:@guiltyparties, @theycallmedan, @ocd, @ocdb, @ranchorelaxo, @acidyo,@trafalgar, @adetorrent, @newsflash @resonator, @ackza, @daveks,@taskmaster4450, @challengedac, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @canadian-coconut @daveks, @lichtblick, @bhattg @elevator09 who have given us massive support to see this project to its final ends and have ensured that Hive continues to impact lives. Again to everyone who has voted us, reblog our post, we really appreciate the love and the support. Thank you

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Anwomaso, Kumasi-Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz

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