The ink Well Highlights Magazine #13 (June 20, 2021)


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This weekly magazine highlights a small selection of short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote.

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We are showcasing authors who have contributed well-written and edited stories, have read and commented on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive!

The stories shared in this post represent some of the best creative writing posted to Hive. Please do check out the highlighted authors and show your support.

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The following are some of our top curated stories from June 13 - June 19, 2021.

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Featured Author: @kemmyb
The Antique Paint Brush


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Moments later, without a single thought, his right hand moved of its own accord and began to paint. In his state of grief, he did not question the mystery. He just watched as his hand got busy, moving across the white canvas. Shapes began to take form on his painting board revealing a colourful image of Mara, her hands stretched out to hold his own, both of them staring at each other in love. -@kemmyb

You did a wonderful job with this prompt, @kemmyb. While this prompt might have led to the writing of a horror story, you did not take that path. You explored instead an age-old but relevant theme: can humans overstep the bounds of what is natural? The Greeks dealt with this by showing the gods punishing humans who overstepped the boundary between what is 'natural'. In this case, Mara explains to her husband that he must not take for himself powers that do not rightly belong to humans. -@agmoore

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Featured Author: @rakushasu


Image source: Unsplash

But the moment the small mailbox opened up, I could already see them, three postcards. Cute kittens and puppies stared at me from each one. When I turned them around, I saw the postal stamp, saw my address and name and of course the damned smiley faces.

As they stared at me, I felt almost as if they were laughing at me, mocking me. Had someone actually made it to the mailbox in the few moments it took me to get here? -@rakushasu

A very interesting piece of writing that recalls the premise that anything or any repeated message takes us from awe to tedium and can escalate to horror. At some point in the reading I was reminded of a scene from Harry Potter where the missives from the magic school invade the house of the evil uncles. -@gracielaacevedo

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Featured Author: @iamsmaller


Image source: Pixabay

Craning his neck around to get a better look at that spot, he could see a small pile of dust, suspended in mid-air. There was a calm spot directly above the transmitter, where the dust had settled. But he could only see it from one place. After a few moments thought, he had it figured out. The transmitter had ‘opened’ up a small pocket of space, and you could only see into it when looking directly at its mouth. -@iamsmaller

Oh my gosh, @iamsmaller. This is truly inspired! One of my favorite scifi stories posted to The Ink Well ever. You have a fantastic imagination. More please! -@jayna

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Featured Author: @bruno-kema
There Was an Old Woman


Image source: Unsplash

"Of course it's real," Nate said, his chest puffed with the confidence of one who knew what he was saying. "There's an old woman who takes care of the woods, she walks around with two sticks. One in her hand to help her walk and the other in her mouth to clean her only tooth. Yeah, she has only one tooth." -@bruno-kema

Another wonderful story, @bruno-kema. You create a circumstance in which the reader wonders if the woman has truly visited Jason's tent, or if Nate was having a little fun. The suspicion in this reader is that the latter explanation works.

One thing I noticed as I read your story and tried to figure out why it has so much energy (typical of your stories) is the use of active verbs. For example, the campers hurl their backpacks. Nate's chest puffed with confidence. Fear churned his stomach.

I think it was Stephen King who suggested that adverbs weaken a story. The verb should be strong enough to carry the action. You do this very well. -@agmoore

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Featured Author: @diebitch
Imagining Kindness


Image source: Pixabay

Lucy got up and looked at the shining sun, it was a good day for a birthday party. She'd chosen a tea party theme. On other birthdays, her mother would dress up her dolls and soft toys in nice clothes and make them sit through teatime. But this time, there'll be real kids eating cupcakes and the sweet honey tea her mom had bought. -@diebitch

What a great idea Lucy's parents had, an online party, it's not the same, but it's also very exciting. The problem would be the distribution of the cake but, on second thought, maybe that can also be given an acceptable solution. -@gracielaacevedo

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Featured Author: @dwixer
Enemies of the Road


Image source: Pixabay

Tuesday Morning, June 14, 2020, the date and time read on Lawrence's wristwatch. "Something was wrong about this place" he mumbled. No one seems to have noticed the changes in the atmosphere except Lawrence who have stayed awake the night through the journey. The path through the forest was dark but his time read it was morning and worst, it was two years ahead of time... -@dwixer

Going to summer camp is like any new experience. Anticipation can alter perception. Adjusting to new routines and new people can lead to apprehension. This child learned how to deal with the challenge quickly. Lucky boy.

A most interesting approach to the camp challenge. The child learns a basic lesson from the bus driver. If we don't watch the clock and obsess about time, then time won't matter.

At first this seems counter-logical, but then it makes perfect sense. What difference does the reading on the clock make in his experience of reality? It is the setting and rising of the sun that may determine the time in his day. When he is in tune with that, he is at peace. -@agmoore

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