The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #5 (April 24, 2021)


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This weekly magazine serves to highlight short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote.

Important Note

We are showcasing authors who have not only contributed well-written and edited stories, but who also read and comment on the work of other authors and comply with all of the community rules posted on our home page. These activities help our community thrive!

The stories shared in this post represent some of the best creative writing posted to Hive. Please do check out the highlighted authors and show your support.

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All liquid rewards from The Ink Well highlights magazine and the weekly fiction prompt are used for community operational expenses.

The following are some of our top curated stories from April 17-23, 2021.

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Featured Author: @deeanndmathews
Rain, Thunder, and the Prodigal Son In the Garden of Eden


Image source: André Rau on Pixabay

The barn had a great mulberry tree towering next to it, its ripening berries looking like drops of the dawn dancing in and out of the leaves. Maman Dubois and granddaughter Louisa loved their fruit in the morning and making tarts in the afternoon, and they would have plenty with the mulberries all year, for Jules had also planted fruit trees in the back – apple, peach, plum, and pear – and also watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew vines. -@deeanndmathews

This is absolutely delightful, @deeanndmathews. I think it is one of your best yet. I love the many rich details. I could almost smell the food, and wish I could wake up to those amazing aromas and that sound of "thunder." What a clever way to describe the deep resonant voice of Jean-Luc in the imagination of a child - and years later the two men's voices together sounding like triple thunderstorms in Louisa's imagination. It made me feel emotional to think of Jules returning home after all those years away to the full and rich life he had left so many years before.

Wonderful take on the prompt, I must say! You definitely created a world for us to experience, and took us there to experience it. -@jayna

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Featured Author: @iamraincrystal


Image source: Dean Moriarty on Pixabay

I knew it was a dream the moment I couldn't move my body, yet a pair of curious jade-green eyes stared back at me as if I was placed behind a window on display, the faint scent of freshly-cooked bacon starting to cling to me the longer I stayed immobile in this unfamiliar room with this dark-haired boy with his ever-curious eyes... -@iamraincrystal

You set an intriguing scene.

I could only remember three key things: a villa seen beyond the cloth that barely covered the painting, an argument that soon followed, and the sound of a gunshot that rang true into the night.

It almost plays like a game of 'clue', with surreal elements. I like the tone of this story from the start. Sometimes, things just click when you read them. That happened today when I read your story :) -@agmoore

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Featured Author: @bruno-kema
Straight Outta Da' Bank!


Image source Pixabay

The Camry spun out of control, the three other tyres skidding across the tarred road as it slammed into a barricade with a loud bang, flinging Red-Eye through the sunroof. Then, it's rear lifted off the ground completely and landed on it's roof. The tyres rolled lazily in the air. -@bruno-kema

We all want to see the movie! But, we don't need to because we have 'seen' the action, and characters, already through your excellent description. Even the names in this story are perfect. Red-Eye? Fury? In every step of this narrative you exude energy. The dialogue is spot on.

This story is so well written, it could be a movie script or appear in a professional, mainstream publication. Great job. Thank you for posting your action story in the Ink Well community. -@theinkwell

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Featured Author: @seesladen
Clouds on a Clear Day...


Image source: dae jeung kim on Pixabay

That particular thought spoiled my mood even further. Sarah, the girl with the pretty lunch box, and the very pretty smile. I quietly wished I was her best friend rather than that no-good Jack. Funny how he always seems to be closer to the girls than every other boy in class. Plus he always has the better grades too. -@seesladen

What an enjoyable story, @seesladen. You really captured the essence of childhood, and all the angst about school and friends and even that morning fog that kids always seem to be fighting off until recess. I love that repeated sentiment that he should have stayed in bed. Well done! -@jayna

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