I Don’t Understand People Who Are Destructive To Mother Earth

“I don’t understand people who…”

I don’t understand people who are destructive to Mother Earth.

Mother Earth comprises both land and water. It is the source of life and humans along with other creatures represent life. But did all humans return back the favor?

Back in the golden age, the Earth was very abundant and was literally full of colors that signifies life.

Mother Earth was so pure and clean. But throughout the years, because of progress and development of mankind, humans are becoming destructive.

I don’t understand people who don’t care for Mother Earth.

Some of the human activities that destroys Mother Earth are global warming, deforestation, pollution, and extinction of species.

Today Mother Earth is in great danger and part of the blame are destructive people who do not care for Mother Earth. To a greater extent, gradually humans are destroying our world.

As a matter of fact, here in the Philippines, not everyone is a responsible citizen when it comes to environmental protection.

Yesterday, I visited an open shore around an urban area as I am living in a rural part. I was really surprised of what I have witnessed. I have really seen a very polluted beach full of wastes all over the place. Part of being destructive is polluting water bodies.

How would you react if you see a polluted body of water?

Unfortunately, I have witnessed a water body around me that was no longer pure. A lot of wastes had been dumped for years and most of the wastes are non-biodegradable that could affect marine biodiversity.

Cellophanes, plastics, plastic bags, and bottles were thrown in the shore, not to mention that these wastes are largely consumed by all marine animals that could affect their health due to depletion of oxygen on their habitat.

Moreover, due to the presence of a seaport near the area, water vessels and ships are further polluting the sea through oil spills and leakages, as well as chemical wastes from factories nearby.

All these wastes may it be biodegradable and non-biodegradable are very toxic to all marine biodiversity. Unconsciously, people who are destructive to Mother Earth have been torturing and killing marine animals through years that would possibly lead to extinction of species and that humans are always part of the blame.

I may not be an environmentalist but I do not understand people who are destructive to the environment. I am an eco-warrior through my simple conscious actions in caring and loving for the environment.

On a personal level, we could always spread awareness and encourage others to help protect not only water bodies but Mother Earth in general.

How about You? Do you understand people who don’t care for Mother Earth?

Mother Earth is our home and a source of life. As stewards of the creations of our creator let us always dare to care and show our love for our Mother nature. Do not be one of the people who destroys the Earth. Just dare to be different and be an advocate for change even through simple actions.

Dare to be different. Be an eco-warrior. Help save Mother Earth!

If we are not protecting and taking actions to save Mother Earth, what would happen to the next generations?

”That is why I don’t understand people who are destructive to Mother Earth.”

Thus, Mother Earth should always be saved, preserved, and conserved for the future generations to come.

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