Love , Lust , And Desire

Love, lust, and desire, these three concepts can be misconstrued when not clearly understood. There's just a thinline that differentiates one from the other and If one isn't experienced enough, he or she might interpret the physical gestures for either love or lust. I'm not a love expert, one may never become one and that's because the languages one reads as love differs from that of another, and what doesn't work for one may work for another. Love is a broad term but I sum it up as sacrifice, where there's love, there's sacrifice, there's always a giving, either in time or resources.

What Is Love?

1 Corinthians 13 explains vividly what love is and is not. It helped me draw a picture of what love should entail. To me love is more than a feeling, because at some point feelings fade aways, love doesn't seek after personal gain. Love endures and doesn't puff up, it rejoices in truth and is fair. Anywhere sacrifice abounds, love exists.

What is Lust?

Unlike Love, lust is an attraction toward someone with certain qualities we desire. This attraction most often doesn't last long especially when we become acquainted with it. It fades over time because it's built on feelings, and a desire to possess it and once we acquire what we desire or become familiar with it, we seek for another. Lust seeks for its own, and can only sacrifice until it possesses that which it desires.

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What is desire?

It's a wish to possess something. Desires may either be built on love or lust, only the later action determines if one's desire to possess such a thing originated from love or lust. So, desires are wishes yet to be accomplished, it's triggered by admiration for certain qualities. This admiration can come from love or lust. This desire is always the start of something, it's the drive of attraction.

Love,Lust, Desire, their differences

Love goes beyond feelings, it's a commitment and it's characterized by sacrifice, patience, endurance, and kindness. Lust on the other hand is centered on feelings and a strong desire to acquire a thing, it desires only its gain and fade once it gets what it desired. Desire is also a feeling of want or need. The feeling isn't as strong as that of lust and is always the trigger of attraction.

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