A day in the Pine Forest


Hello everyone, my name is Angely, it is a pleasure to introduce myself to this community and have the opportunity to participate in this contest, which seems to me a great topic, because of the great importance of nature and that very few know how to value it. It is a blessing to be able to admire and enjoy it, to be able to observe each landscape is really amazing, filling us with peace, tranquility, clearing us of the routine. I love nature and having the joy of appreciating it. I will choose the first option of the contest promoted by @galenkp:

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I had the opportunity to share with some friends in a pine forest located in the state where I live in Merida-Venezuela in the town of Pan de Azucar. To get there you must walk a little steep slope about half an hour but when you get to the top you can see much of the city, a great landscape surrounded by the mountains that complement it. It is a beautiful memory of the year 2020, in the month of August, having a meeting with my friends, sharing the whole day, we started with the hike, which despite being a little steep becomes faster and fun for the conversations although in the same way we reached the top a little exhausted, but being there it is wonderful to feel the breeze, the fresh smell of nature, the landscape and in company is better, enjoying and laughing. We continued walking through all the pine trees until the end, we did not stop laughing with every occurrence, always unexpected things came out, we all slipped on the ground that is covered with leaves called needles which are slippery and reaching the end we sat down to rest, talking and taking pictures. It is a nice memory because at that time I was going through a depression situation and being able to share, walk, enjoy nature helped me a lot to clear my mind, feeling peace and joy.



Some of my friends are paramedics and that day they brought the materials to perform rappel, which consists of descending vertically down surfaces using a rope. I had the opportunity to try this new experience with the help and guidance of the paramedic learning and being completely fascinated, it requires strength and balance, despite having a little nervous I dared and it was fantastic, doing it in a small height, under the care of him. I have always said that it is good to try new adventures and this was a good opportunity.


At the end, before resuming our way home it started to rain and we had to run down the pine trees, because when it rains the ground gets even more slippery, you can imagine the laughter of seeing us running and slipping, the despair of it getting dark, and all wet. That day I arrived home soaked but super happy with the day I lived.


Sharing with our loved ones in nature are beautiful moments that should be lived and enjoyed. I invite you to walk through it and observe each landscape that God gives us. Thank you for reading me, I hope you enjoyed it, greetings.


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