Splinterlands: One hundred bucks in - Week #2


Time for the first true report on how I am doing after having reset my account and started from zero, I guess. I say I guess because I feel so much has happened in just one week that it's truly hard to share everything that's been going on and not end up writing a huge text, which I'd like to avoid.

To start, perhaps we should review that my main goal is to obtain enough Collection Power to be able to access Silver III without needing to resort to rentals. At the end of our last article, I had managed to obtain 1,560 Collection Power and was therefore able to access Bronze II and started collecting that sweet DEC per win. I had also spent a total of $66 and purchased a few cards and opened a few packs.

But where (as in "at which point") am I now?

I spent more 45 USD acquiring more packs, which rounded up my investment to roughly 100 USD, at this point (110 with the Summoner Book included). To be noticed that I am aware that opening packs is not the optimal form of rushing into the 15,000 Collection Power I am proposing to obtain, but I honestly couldn't help myself from the expansion release madness and I fell to the temptation of busting open that sweet Golden Legendary pull, or something like that.

Of course, that didn't happen. The best I managed to obtain was a Golden Foil Mycelic Slipspawn (oh, some of these names... lol) and other than that it was pretty much not worth opening the rest of the packs. Exception made to one other pack that had four Rares in it; not exceptional, but unusual and cool.


In regards to rewards, both from Daily Quests and end of Season, nothing exceptional or worth noticing as well. The only thing worth mentioning is perhaps that I've opened a Golden Foil Gargoya Lion on one of my Quests.


This end of season was a bit tricky and I lost a day of rentals because of the game undergoing maintenance, which also caused me to be demoted from Silver to Bronze due to not being able to process new rentals in time for my Collection Power not to go down.

All things said and done, however, and what matters is the Collection Power I currently have; it's not anywhere near Silver, and it's also not above 9000. I am currently sitting at what somehow feels a puny 4,530 Collection Power considering the 100 USD I've already spent into the game.

Now, this leaves me really close to the 5,000 Collection Power needed to access Bronze I. I could easily purchase a Legendary for around $10 at the time of this writing to cover for the less than 500 Collection Power needed and be done with it, however I don't want to make the mistake of keeping on throwing more money at the game at this point, and I would rather play it cool and let it grow organically.

This being said, here's what my Collection looks like at the moment. As before, shown by tiers/foils.



I've levelled up a Pelacor Deceiver up to level 5, which by itself grants 300 Collection Power. I've now also started accumulating the Lava Spider and the purpose is to reach level 4 on it. I've decided to flip the rest of the Chaos Legion
cards on the market after their inclusion on the Starter Set and re-invest by purchasing other cheap Epics or Gold Foils.



A single rat, that's it. But one that I've managed to level up to 4, and that makes it worth 500 Collection Power. Kind of proud on this one, to be honest. Also worth mentioning that I've sold two Chaos Legion summoners for around 2000 DEC (being that DEC was still valued at close to one cent then).



Only Reward Set cards, as you can see. The reason for that is that I've managed to successfully flip the Epics I've pulled from Chaos Legion packs at the top of the market and again re-invested that DEC to stack these babies you see on the picture. I'll likely keep on doing so, unless I get something like a Tusk the Wide, or another big boy I can really use in battle.



The Ifrit came from a pack, and I've purchased Harklaw for 1400 DEC after selling Tarsa + Thaddius. I need more Legendaries.

Golden Foils


As mentioned before the Mycelic Slipspawn takes the spotlight on this set. Other than that, I kept only one of the Golden Foil pulls from Chaos Legion packs and reinvested the DEC into purchasing cheaper Golden Foils from the Reward Set, that hold the same Collection Power.

And that's it, I guess.

What now?

New season started and I'm grinding away to get those 500 Collection Power I am missing to reach the Bronze I milestone. After that, we'll more or less keep doing the same we've been doing until we reach at least 15,000 Collection Power for Silver III.

I've noticed Vouchers are now going for around $3.5 (today) so I picked one up and I will be looking for a few extra more so I am able to qualify for the next airdrop, possibly. I will likely buy a few more packs in the hopes of getting a nice drop, since I still do have a few potions stacked. We'll see.

But for now the focus will be more on playing that anything else. After all this is supposed to be a play to earn experience and I am honestly having a blast with the introduction of the new cards and the way they shifted the meta and brought so many new things to explore and discover. I feel there's a lot to say on that, but it will have to be done at a later time or this would turn to be too long.

I'd like to finish with a shoutout to @DBuzz for awarding me a pack on one of their giveaways. Well worth giving them a follow if you haven't already.


Thanks for reading and keep tuned if you are looking for reasons to tell me where I am going wrong. Because I am sure I will end up giving you a few in case I haven't already ^^

Stay safe.


My presentation on #HIVE: @sp3ktraline/print-hello-world
I am also on noise.cash: https://noise.cash/u/sp3ktraline
If you are not on #Splinterlands yet, you can join using this link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=sp3ktraline

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