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"Olá" HIVE.

My name is Nuno, but people know me by the persona of sp3ktraline when online. I am from Portugal, and I am 43 years of age despite not really understanding what that means yet. I was born in Lisbon but I have been living in Porto for the greatest part of the last decade, city in which I had my son.

It was always hard for me to label myself in any sort of way. Truth is, declaring to someone I am something often implies a level of commitment or intent I've never truly been willing to accept. I am not a musician, for example. But I have been playing the guitar for more than 20 years, if that makes sense. As I have been doing other things.

Right... I work as an interpreter; guess I'm supposed to say that. Mostly medical, but also legal and institutional. I also do freelance translations, if I like an opportunity when it shows up. Mostly, though, I consider my role is to be a father. My son is the reason behind everything I do. And so I guess that's what I can say I am.


The Persona

The name sp3ktralized initially appeared because of videogames, when a friend told me it would suit me as a character name. Some years ago I've developed a somewhat rare condition known as alopecia universalis that causes an individual to lose all hair alike what happens with chemoterapy and he said it somehow had a vibe to it that made it resonate. I went along and embraced it. Somewhere along the way the name turned into sp3ktraline.


HIVE and the blockchain

So what am I doing on HIVE, then? Mostly, I think I'm curious to learn with others. And to share any insights I may have that others can find to be useful, whatever worth they may happen to have. I got here through #Splinterlands but I've now started to realize there's much more to this that just video games.

I have several interests I think I'd be willing to explore, but in all honesty my activity here will be always limited by the time and psychological constraints and demands of my day-to-day schedules and work. I guess we'll see what happens. For now, I'm certainly going to keep on trying to force myself to write a bit, as it is an exercise I've always enjoyed. But other than my presence, I'm not sure I can promise any other type of consistency for now.

The plan? If there is one, it is to engage here more and more and with time make this my resident home in the cyberspace. And to be one of the settlers helping build this new future we are proposing to achieve. So, let's start with this brief introduction:

"Hello, world!"

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