Splinterlands: Investing NOW starting from ZERO - Week #1


I've been playing #Splinterlands for a few months now and through out this period I have been fortunate to have a couple lucky pulls that allowed me to make a quick profit from the game. However, I have not to this point considered the game as a long-term investment. Partly because of the changes to how Bronze III and the play-to-earn model now works after the nerfs, partly due to witnessing the massive gains some people managed to accomplish simply by holding their cards, I've realised I have been negligent and I've decided to from now act strategically and do what I should have done from the beginning; invest in the game for the long-term. Even though I don't expect the same gains others managed to accomplish, I am very bullish #Splinterlands still has a lot of room to grow and will likely become one of the top tier games of the future.

As mentioned on this article, I've decided to also reset my account and start from basics as if I was a new player that just purchased the Summoner Book and landed on the Splinterlands. This report is intended to provide the regular update on the investment I put into the game, based in USD terms, and potential profits.


As mentioned on the same article, we should then consider for this report the amount of $10 which refers to the Summoner book. I've converted $20 to Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) on top of that and purchased cards worth 850 Collection Power from the market. The following day (which is today) the new expansion for the Chaos Legion set was released. I had a stack of four packs I had purchased at an average price of $6.50 which I went ahead and opened. I've also converted $10 into DEC and went to purchase a few more cards from the market, partially FOMO'ing on the expansion launch.


  • $10 Summoner Book
  • $20+10 converted to DEC
  • $26 for 4 Chaos Legion packs
  • Total: $66

This investment allowed me so far to obtain a Collection Power of 1,560 which grants me access to Bronze II, the first league that provides a payment in DEC per won match -- hence allowing the true play-to-earn experience. I am left with 342 DEC in my account, as of the time of this writing. Below, are the cards I've acquired so far, organized by rarities.







Golden foils


As you can see the cards are either from the Chaos Legion or the current Reward sets. These are at the moment of this writing the ones that provide best value in terms of Collection Power per USD and they will likely be the ones I will keep on stacking until I reach at least a Collection Power that allows me to access Silver III without needing to resort to rentals.

I intend to post weekly updates on my development going forward that will try to focus on the investment/return perspective specifically, and I will probably publish other articles related to the gameplay experience as well. If you like the content and think it can be useful for other new players joining the game, don't be ashamed to follow or reblog for more updates on this endeavour :)


My presentation on #HIVE: @sp3ktraline/print-hello-world
I am also on noise.cash: https://noise.cash/u/sp3ktraline
If you are not on #Splinterlands yet, you can join using this link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=sp3ktraline

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