2022 The Sacred Heart, Intaglio Mint

Being a club member of Intaglio Mint gives me early access to some of their products. This is one of the early access rounds from Intaglio Mint.

I think that Intaglio Mint's founder Mark Bogani and Tony Grat, who is the VP of Production, are pretty good at what they do. They consistently put out magnificent work.

Both obverse and reverse of all products I have received from this mint are excellent!

2022 The Sacred Heart, Intaglio Mint

Obverse: A detailed depiction of the sacred heart centered on a background of both straight and curved radials.

Reverse: High-Relief Intaglio Mint logo set on radial burst surrounded by stippled border reading “ONE TROY OUNCE” above and “.999 FINE SILVER” below on textured background, flanked by mintage year in roman numerals “MMXXII”.

Source: Intaglio Mint

The details in this round is absolutely stunning!

The Sacred Heart, also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, is one of the most well embrace, with broad adherence and practiced of Catholic devotions.

The heart of Jesus is viewed as a symbol of “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind”.

The devotion to The Most Sacred Heart is principally in the Catholic Church, High-Church Anglicans, Lutherans and some Western Rite Orthodox.

I've shown you these miscellaneous rounds:

2022 The Sacred Heart, Intaglio Mint
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2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token

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