2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token

I am subscribed as a Limited Mintage Mint Club member. There are 500 members of this exclusive club.

Of course there is an understanding that the membership may increase through the years.

Obverse: Intaglio’s Liberty with “INTAGLIO MINT 2022”and MMXXII.

Reverse: The official 2022 Limited Mintage™ Mint Club™ Membership Token. “500 TOKENS MINTED” on the upper rounded dentil circumference, and “ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER” on the lower rounded dentil circumference. with “LIMTED MINTAGE™” above, “2022 MEMBERSHIP TOKEN” lower middle, and “MINT CLUB™” below.

Source: Intaglio Mint

By subscribing to the official 2022 Mint Club™ Token, I have become a member of the official 2022 Mint Club.™

There is a limit of only 500 members for the inaugural year (2022).

It entitles me to early access to ALL Intaglio Mint new product releases. Mint Club™ exclusive products, all with a total mintage of 500, with a new product released every month of 2022 starting in February. Also, I received the Official Mint Club™ Membership Certificate as proof of club membership.



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