Intaglio Mint Club #1 Silver Round

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Last year, I stacked mostly silver and gold bullion coins. This year, I will add more generic rounds and bars, while at the same time continuing to stack American Silver Eagles, US Constitutional Coins and fractional gold. I also will continue to get one each of the other countries' bullion coin.

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Intaglio Mint Club #1 Silver Round

I received the first round under the Limited Mintage category.

The scene depicted in this limited Intaglio Mint Club #1 silver round is from Illustration XII, Book I of “A Collection of Emblems,” by George Wither. The book was both written and illustrated by the author in 1635.

Obverse: Mountains in the distance, with a tranquil sea and island at center, flanked by two sail boats. The shore in the foreground scattered with worldly belongings, and a man ascending to the heavens, clouds behind, sun and moon on either side.

Reverse: An eagle with wings spread centered with a crown above and holding a flowing ribbon with the talons on a circular background of a diamond pattern. “500 Total Mintage” below eagle. LIMITED MINTAGE ™ across the top circumference, and MINT CLUB ™ across the bottom circumference. “TOTAL MINTAGE 500” on the upper rounded dentil circumference, and hallmark text “TWO TROY OUNCES .999 FINE SILVER” on the lower rounded dentil circumference.

Source: Intaglio Mint

Certificate of Authenticity

The design of Mint Club #1 silver round is incredible and beautiful. The obverse is a spectacular depiction of the illustration. The reverse, on its own, is a work of art. The hallmarking is remarkable. It is truly amazing.

And, I like the size of this silver round. It's the first 50 mm silver round that I own.

I've shown you the

2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token
Intaglio Mint Club #1 Silver Round

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