Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round

Scottsdale Mint is a privately-owned mint. It has been producing precious metals of quality over the years, that it made a reputation and name for itself.

The Scottsdale Mint logo is featured in this round. It consists of a proud lion with a flowing mane and a crown on top of its head.

2 ounces of high-relief design.

The round features the concave and inverse impression of the high-relief lion design on the other side. It fits perfectly as the obverse of one round fits easily on the reverse of the next.

This allows the round to be stacked.

The reverse also indicates the weight, the purity, and the name of the round:

2 Troy Oz, .999 Fine Silver, Stacker Round.

Source: Scottsdale Mint

I will stack these rounds for sure!

As I mentioned in my other post, I shall categorize the silver according to type when I present them to you. The 2022 coins are separate.

These are the pressed silver bar I showed you in 2022:

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And these are the cast bars I featured since January:

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Finally, I've shown you these miscellaneous rounds:

Scottsdale Mint 2 oz Silver Stacker Round, No1
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2022 Intaglio Mint Membership Token

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