Decentralising "Centralisation": How Centralised Entities Aims To Join The Revolution.



Jack Dorsey has recently come out to say he's looking towards decentralisation for twitter and this is something I have taken interest to. First of all, twitter will not attain decentralisation and this isn't because it isn't possible this is because in the first place twitter is a private business before it's a social media it is already a centralised media by design and structure and coming out to say it's going to be decentralised is more like a PR stunt that makes it seem like twitter embraces the concept of decentralisation.

In reality people like Jack knows that soon the world is aiming to be decentralised, we already have super blockchains like Ethereum that is currently making waves in other places there's been a call to decentralise the banking system and it's only a matter of time and people will begin to realise that they need surety, they'll begin to realise they have places where they can build without getting delete.

Jack knows this, centralisation can never peacefully coexist with decentralisation in parity, one will have to give way for another or one will establish dominance over the other. Its all about catching up, recently my bank messaged me saying, "I can have total control of my bank account without third party and all I needed was to provide them with more of my details" this was totally laughable but then you have to read in between the lines.


Centralised entities understands the trend, the have studied the happenings on the internet. Many people are confessing of moving their life Savings from one bank into crypto and how their lives have completely changed.

These isn't aligning well with these entities, now from preaching against crypto and decentralised they're how totally reckoning with it not because they want to join the revolution but because they want don't want to be left behind. They have tried to censor everything concerning Crypto in the past and even as at that people are still opting out of fiat into crypto.

As for Jack, his assumptions are laughable, twitter will never become decentralised and its so pitiful to see that people are buying into this hoax, can Jack totally surrender the adminship of twitter, allow true governance from every representative of the world? allow for total free speech and work towards people thoroughly owning their accounts without any sort of control?



This wouldn't be possible, twitter would need to destroy a lot of her censor-based policies and have an entirely different policy. Ownership is something hierachichal based CEO's love to have, now imagine how revenue will drop because a lot of stakeholder that are in liason with twitter might frown at this attempt at total decentralisation.

If money isn't involved anymore what do you think would be the end game of a wealthy socio-crat like Jack Dorsey? Im expecting facebook, I mean Zuckerberg to also join this trend of facebook becoming decentralised, I mean if they can come out with a centralised crypto or token, what is to say they can't come out with their own version of "centralised decentralisation"?

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