The Art Of Managing In Football; What Are The Basics To Being A Seasoned Football Manager?



From A Young Manager's Perspective

After having watched football coaches in England like Mikel Arteta and Frank Lampard I see experience as something that's really valuable in football. I'll keep repeating that a retired players who is aspiring to be a manager you needn't put pressure on yourself by accepting to manage the first big team that comes calling. The thing with managing a big football team is that you are expected to hit the ground running, there's no room for you to actually grow because most big football teams are always impatient and the reason why they are called big teams is that they are expected to win day in day out, their large fanbase all over the world expects the best from them and also, they're expected to win trophies and compete at the biggest stages because of the money they are investing in purchasing big name players.

The Basics Functions To Football Managing

When you are actually a football manager some of your jobs are helping to developing players to your specifics or standard, understanding the right formation that would suit the kind of players you have, knowing the kind of players that the different opposition you are playing have (you can instruct your assistant coach to do that at your behest) and how to use the kind of player you have to counter them, the ability to switch between an original formation in a football game to a different kind of formation in order to perform a tactical switch and offer something different other than when they started out the football game having a structural framework, having a plan, another back-up plan and a contingency plan incase your other two plans didn't work out well.

Apart from all this, how about the art of making substitutions? a manager who does not understand the limits and strengths of his players will never understand how to make substitutions. This is something I like about Jose Mourinho. we know he loves negative the kind of football but over the years he has understood that football is not just about fielding eleven players but individually understanding these eleven players and when to put them off and replace them with players from the bench.

He has currently frozen players like Dele Alli off the team and when you are playing under Jose Mourinho it's either you become better or you are thrown out of the team and this is what you called discipline, sometimes he goes overboard and lose the bench and get sacked, he did this with Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. But even a seasoned manager like him has his flaws and still hasn't mastered everything about football managing despite the years of experience.

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From A Big European Club's Perspective.

I don't want to agree that big football clubs chooses their legend players who retires to manage them because they do not have money to pay better coaches or managers around the world. I believe we do not have great football managers like we used to do in the past and I spoke about this in one of my post. Some of these football clubs are the reason why we have retired players rush into coaching because they do not even allow them to gather experience from lesser clubs and come backs seasoned, they simply rush them into managing without even analysing the consequences of having them manage sophisticated teams with many decades of winning traditional and style of play.

Basically if these young coaches chose to go into coaching then they should go to coaching schools, learn how to be tactician or get experience from established mangers already rather than relying on their experience as past football players, but then they are not allowed to do this by these big clubs and they are rushed into managing and before you know it the get sacked for underwhelming performance. Philipo Nzagi, Phil, Neville and many other player-cum-manager has been sacked for being terrible football managers.


I believe football managing is about the experience. Arsenal are a football club that always employs the wrong coaches who actually gives them the right kind of performance in the first two to three months and then they sack the manager and employ another person and the cycle continues. if you take a look at some of the most brilliant managers in football currently you will see that they are seasoned and have had years of experience. Jürgen Klopp, Nuno Espirito Santi and many others.

There is more to just fielding eleven players on the pitch. Some football managers cannot even inspire confidence from the players they are playing and that ability to want to give their soul and spirit as if there is a sentimental attachment to football is something that a manager can inspire from a player which he has fielded on the pitch. This young players who has turned managers cannot do this. There are emotional attachments in football and this emotion sometimes give you an extra edge. It manager should understand the basics of managing and like I will always say football managing is an art and not just playing or managing for managing sake. I believe if i was a sacked football manager I would go back to the drawing board try to become better and come back even better manager to the top flight.

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