How 2020 Has Proven To Be Negatively Iconic; Did We Expect Any Different? (3speak version)

2020 happened differently for a lot of country and while it was negatively destructive, it affected every one, every nation and every society in a much more different manner. However the economic effect of what has happened in 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected millions of people psychologically and in this video I spoke about how people came into this year hoping to unlock a lot of milestone since the year in itself was a milestone or iconic year.
A lot of people have looked out for vision 2020 for many years and with so much expectations 2020 has been sadly disappointing.
Coming down to Nigeria, how has the economy and people badly been affected, how has the citizens of Nigerian awoken to the reign of terror by her government and how was to reaction to this?
In general we've seen more harm than good in 2020 and I spoke about how 2021 might turn out.

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