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Dreams are an important aspect of us because it's a huge part of our sub-conscious state when our bodies are at rest. One thing about the human psychological anatomy is the fact that our mind is always working irrespective of if we're awake or asleep and the vivid images, the things we see, the places we travel to, the unlimitation of how we can travel, the images we picture and the vividity of such experiences is what makes up our dreams. In reality, there are endless explanation and meanings or synonymous ideas which we humans relate to the concept of dreaming but then, the truth is that our dreams are a bigger mystery, far more than we even know it and irrespective of this, one way or the other, we have found diverse ways with which we place meanings to every of our dreams.

Irrespective of how much we believe in this physical reality, there's no doubting the existence of other realities out there, now death in itself is another form of reality, our sub- conscience state is another form of reality and this is because these diverse places accommodate or house the human component in it's totality in different states or different forms. This is to explain that dreams are real, they're a diverse representation of us in a different format, a different realm and the fact that we can wake up to remember our dreams is the reason why we must understand that our dreams is us, our mind travelling to places where our physical bodies is limited from accessing or channeling.

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What Does Dreaming Entails?

Evryone dreams at one time or the other and as for me I actually do too. I hold dreams to be very instrumental and spiritual as have many others in history, legends or myth. Dreams have been termed prophecies, a sign or a warning or even a peek into the metaphysical aspect of the human existence. In Christianity and many other religions dreams are instrumental as well, they shape up or control the actions of people in the physical, it often tend to guide or prune one's footsteps and actions to one particular direction especially if that dream carries a lot of meaning that can influence a person in the physical.

Many years ago, I dreamt of visiting my grandparent's village house. This wasn't a place i'd been to since I was a child, but then for a week I kept seeing myself as a child in my grandparent's compound despite that i'd not been there for a really long time. Then after a while I stopped dreaming about of there and it wasn't quite long my grandfather died and then it dawned on me that I was seeing, dreaming or predicting ahead. I saw the same flashes of moments where I actually saw months in my dreams and it feels like something I already have the images in my mind coming back to replau again. For a long time I continued dreaming of the past, the present and sometimes what would seem like the future and some other times dream of things that totally wouldn't make sense or can be placed logical reasoning or explanations to.

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Dreams can be totally meaningless, sometimes it can be meaningful, sometimes it's totally unimaginable and that's why people wake up and can't explain or paint pictures of what they've dreamt about. Some dreams can be totally detailing while others might not, this is to explain that some dreams might matter while others might not. The surest certainty to a dream is that it's not everytime that we can relate physical synonymity to our dreams and it's not everytime that our dreams would need to mean something. Science cannot fully detail the strength or capabilities of our mind and the fact that we dream of things that seems unnatural to our physical existence proves the fact that our mind conforms to the existence of other realms outside of our physical bodies.

In finality, we can not completely define what the art of dreaming is, we can only continue trying to do so through our diverse experiences. Everyone has a dream experience and this somehow is how people form their belief in what dreaming really is. Everyone has a different perception and perspective. But then another thing is for sure, dreaming is spiritual because it can be mystical it conforms beyond this physical setting and that's why we cannot completely say for sure the places we were, the things we saw, the feeling we held and the emotions we felt. Dreams may or may not tell us anything, it depends on how it happens to us and how it relates to our physical that proves how it generally affected us, our thinking and our whole relatability with it.

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