Well THAT was a big month 😮😁😅 Now, let's do (another) Power Up Day!

If you'd told me mid-September last year when I got dragged onto joined Hive that in less than 8 months' time I would be writing a post and powering up (my Liquid HIVE to Hive Power) for the 31st day in a row, I might have said:

A gif for the Aussies in the house

And yet, here I am. Since powering up 10.000 HIVE on 1st April, I have powered up 1.000 HIVE every single day until yesterday. Today I backed it up by powering up 10.688 HIVE. (As you read the rest of the post the odd number will eventually make sense).

I can make myself green in gifs😜

It's fair to say it was a big month. While I don't seem to be that good at keeping track of my numbers, I know I was sitting at below 540HP at the start of April as I became a Minnow a few days later. As you'll see from screenshot below of my Wallet on ecency I have gained more than 100HP in the last month!!


Speaking of awards, if I was going to hand out awards for some of my posts from the past month...

This post about a helpful app for those experiencing war would get the award for Most Useful Post I Could Possibly Write Right Now.

This one about the word "lost" would get the Great Things Come In Small Packages award.

And this post about why acceptance is SO important even if it's counter-intuitive, would get the Most Deserving Of More Attention award.

Feel free to check them out 😉

Overall, I'm really proud of my ability to create new work and for having gotten through this month of a crazy amount of posting and powering up. It took Traci York's initiative to even make it an option + my willingess to try something new (knowing I might fail) + creating a system to help myself not accidentally miss a day + showing up and actually doing it!

If you'd like to learn more about Hive Blog Posting Month (aka HiveBloPoMo) then check out one of Traci's most recent posts where she talks about the experience at the month's end. (Note: In that post she also has a link to the Community where this initiative lives, breathes and would drink its coffee if it was its own being).

Ahhhh, coffee.

Hmmm, now what was I saying? Something about Hive Power Up Day? I keep getting lost in gif land and if I'm not careful this post is going to take all freakin' night far too long.

Let's cut to my Hive Wallet screenshot taken this morning on ecency (the platform I have been using the most to access the Hive Blockchain). 👇


As you can see this is the screenshot I took at 10:01 am local time which is one minute after UTC midnight. My Wallet value cracked the $700 mark (not on this screenshot) for the first time just yesterday (?), my HP is the healthiest it's ever looked, and my Liquid HIVE is solid! I also decided to start actively start adding to Savings and not pull it out each month.

You had me at 20%

Back to the Liquid HIVE and HIVE Power Up business. Today/this month I opted to power up 10.688 HIVE to leave myself a lovely round 70 HIVE to... transfer out. Shock, I know, but a girl's got bills ya know?

Of course, when I convert it inside my exchange its going to end up some totally-not-round-number, but whose complaining. I'll take the cash I can get thank you very much.

Speaking of which, thank you very much to everyone who reads, upvotes, comments, reblogs and heck even enjoys my posts. I wouldn't have any of this cash without you.


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