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Author: @beysyd

El Último Mohicano [ESP-ENG]

Hello friends. When we see a movie based on a book we have read, at first we have many expectations because we do not know if the book will be told in its entirety or the film is only based on the story and the characters, it is also possible that it has many variations that you do not expect. We are clear that the story could not be told with all the scenes of the book because there are many and it is difficult to represent everything, but an effort could be made.


Author: @nameless16

See How They Run - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

It seems that more and more productions related to solve a mystery are more evident in both movies and TV series; this year with series like "The Afterparty" and "Only Murders in the Building" have given fans of this genre good moments for how well made they are, since the basis of their stories is the comedy and I think that just this genre is perfectly complemented in a story where a mystery must be solved; clear examples are films like "Knieves Out" and "Glass Onion" soon to be released; now there is another film that also uses these elements and that for certain factors, its theatrical release went unnoticed and which was reviewed in this publication.


Author: @anibalc

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever [Esp/Eng]

Hello cinephile friends, I recently went to see the new Marvel movie, and to be honest I went with my doubts and misgivings.You have to understand that Marvel hasn't had anything successful since End Games, nothing epic, on the contrary, it's going in a constant decline, the forced inclusion, the changes of characters, the black humor, the nonsense stories, everything is affected to such a point that we already distrust what's coming...


Author: @karocont2011

A woman without filters. A film that teaches you why we should not repress our emotions. ENG-ESP

I just saw A Woman Without Filters and I have to talk about it, and what better way to do it if not by sharing with you my impressions of this film.


Author: @ramisey

Crítica al sistema judicial: "El mensajero"/ Mis impresiones [Esp/Ing]

Greetings, friends. Today I bring you my impressions about the movie "The Messenger", it was released in 2013. Here we are going to find Dwayne Johnson with an interpretation quite far from "The Rock", the typical hero who collects justice through punches and great feats. If you expect moments full of intensity propitiated by this actor, let me disappoint you, you are in the wrong film, we will have a more human performance, a determined and serious man who is capable of risking himself for his son. Despite this, we can say that this is a drama-action hybrid.


Author: @ochitoalreves

Hablemos de: Jump In! Let's talk about: Jump In!

Hello again! Today I bring you a pretty cool post in which I talk about a Disney Channel movie that I recently watched and really liked which is Jump In. I liked this movie too much making me get to practice jumping on two ropes. The review of this movie is going to open a door for my blog to talk about Disney Channel movies and if they are as good as we remember them. So well today I want to talk about this movie that really talks about very interesting topics to make it encompass a child audience, that if, being totally objective with its development, Let's start!


Author: @bethyjade

Let's talk about Luca! (ENG/SPA)

Hello, internet people! All right? Today I want to talk to you about Luca, a film that I loved more than anything else in its artistic and visual section. Join me in breaking this film down!


Author: @belug

WEDNESDAY: Even the most rigid heart is capable of knowing love || You can't miss it! [Eng - Esp]

Hello my dear friends of the Movies & TV Shows community, I must confess that between Wednesday night and Friday afternoon, I have been delaying the series "Wednesday" or "Merlina", as we know this character in the Hispanic world.



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