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Author: @princeofbeyhive

[K-Drama] The Secret Life of My Secretary / Chomyeone Saranghamnida Review! (EN/TR) The Secret Life of My Secretary Dizi Analizi!

Hello to everyone! I hope you are in a good mood and safe. If you ask me, I'm fine with a few skin allergies. I haven't been out for a few days because of skin allergies and so I'm bored at home.I discovered that there are many activities to do when bored at home. - Normally, I don't stay at home too much, half of my day is spent outside. - Watching shows was the most boring of the activities I'd discovered. That's why I didn't pay much attention to it on the first day. On the second day, I wanted to watch an episode of the series, but I watched a season without realizing it. I spent almost all day watching TV series but I think it was worth it.



Recomendación del día: How To Get Away With Murder || Una serie que no dejará desprenderte.

I am not a girl used to watch many series or movies, in fact I do not like to watch too much television, I remember that when I was a child I liked to watch cartoons but over time that was decreasing and I began to fix my attention only on those plots that from my point of view are extremely interesting, mysterious and unpredictable. I don't like fiction very much, I like the glimpse of everyday life and pure realism, so if you agree with me I invite you to keep reading, you won't regret it.



Let's talk about the series: Into the Night 💫 / Hablemos un poco de la serie: Into the Night

It seems trite to say in every review "I love this series" "it's very good", but I think that the simple fact of deciding to make a post about a series or movie but I think that the simple fact of deciding to make a post about a series or movie, at least it has to have caught your attention whether it was good or bad.
In this case I can tell you that I had a good experience with this series and I liked it, because I think this series has certain peculiarities that I like, or I'm just a lover of apocalyptic suspense type hehehehe, I do not know, but I'll let after reading this review and see the series tell me what you thought and tell me if I was right or not.



[ENG + ESP] Oslo (7.5/10) - Good drama film about how the Oslo Accords came to be

HBO is a company with a good reputation for producing great movies and especially series. Their most prominent genre is drama and with the current complication to watch new movies in the cinema it is awesome to have this type of company releasing new high-quality content straight to their streaming services. Oslo is a film about a very challenging political topic in one of the most bellicose zones in the entire world. The area where Israelites and Palestinians coexist and not in a peaceful manner, in fact, it is the total opposite and both of those groups are constantly fighting and killing each other.



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