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Hello Hivers and Self Improvement Community. First of all, I would like to thank @crosheille for inviting me here, I finally found a community that suits me more. I hope we could get along here.

What keeps you motivated and keep going? Your family? Your dreams and ambitions? Simply your goals in life.

In one of my articles, I mentioned a Filipino who once worked as a vendor and dishwasher that became a multi-millionaire through investing in cryptocurrencies. All his dreams and goals started on a dream board. And through his hard work, consistency, and dedication to succeed in life, he was able to achieve his goals. He just dreamed, set goals, and pursued them. And from dream board to multi-millionaire.

Setting goals isn't my forte recently, as I only wanted to go with the flow while following the right direction, with one vision and goal in my mind, and to take every opportunity that would fall in my way. Besides, it would be disappointing if I didn't achieve the goals I set. But because of Shun, I was inspired to make my vision/dream board too. And each day, I would look at it so I would be motivated to work harder and be inspired to continue pursuing them, especially when things aren't falling into place or the day seems to be dark and tough.

But unlike Shun, I'm not into material possession except for other aspects.

What's on my vision/dream board?


If I set my vision, it would become my goal. And if I set my goal, it isn't just for the short term but long term as I always consider the future. I would dip my toes in the water to make sure that I would go in the right direction and my goals will be achieved.



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For an ordinary person like me who doesn't have much in life and is still struggling to survive in this fancy world, the first thing that is on my goal board is financial freedom. I always wanted to unload the burdens on my shoulders and that's the only way to obtain it. Financial freedom in a sense that I don't need to worry about the house' expenses anymore, I don't need to consider the price tags of necessary things, the bills, and the price of the food I want in any restaurant. Something that would free me from the heavy burdens of responsibilities and not to think about money matters. Moreover, I could secure my parents' and siblings' life insurance and educational plans.



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Undeniably, at some point in my life, I become pessimistic due to tough struggles and uncertain circumstances. And oftentimes, I found it difficult to maintain an optimistic mind that sometimes triggers my anxiety and becomes unfocused at work and towards attaining my goals in life. Being mindful would help me stay focused on things and acknowledge the situation so I could think of a better way to eradicate the negative thoughts in my mind or withstand unfavorable circumstances. This might help me not to worry about things and the future and just enjoy the moment while attaining my goals in life.



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This is something I needed to restore in my life. Ever since I stepped into the world of adulthood, I tend to take health for granted and only consider it once something wrong happens in my body. I want to be healthy so I could attain my goals in life and live longer so I could see how my life would be in the future, see my achievements, and take care of my family. Hopefully, I could go back to exercising and a healthy diet, get more sleep, scrape off stressors, successfully obtain the mindfulness I mentioned above, and enjoy more while achieving my goals.


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To put up a business using my hard-earned cryptocurrencies is the ultimate goal that would probably help me acquire the financial freedom I am aiming for. Accepting and promoting cryptocurrencies would be part of this business. I dreamed of having a Crypto Cafe and I would name it Bcash Hub and Cafe where I could accept BCH and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and it would serve as a crypto hub in our place as well. That is because my mother loves baking cakes and although coffee is forbidden to me, I do love it and wanted to have my own cafe and hire my own siblings and relatives to help them earn a decent amount of money while teaching them how to acquire crypto as well. Additionally, I want to be a merchant in Binance so Filipinos I know could easily deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies in our fiat currency.



Probably, all of us have dream houses in our preferences where we could live safely and comfortably. Our father built a better house for us but is currently at stake due to the government's unfavorable project. And sooner or later my family would either be homeless or only half of our house would be left undestroyed. But that couldn't be called a house anymore and would take another money and time to build a complete house again. My dream house would be built at the entrance of our farm as I am certain that no government projects or officials would interrupt us there. Besides, it is away from any stressful people and situations, and closer to nature.

Aside from a dream house for my family, I do have another dream house for myself too. A tiny, yet cozy house is enough for me with a lot of plants and flowers in and out of the house, away from the bustling city and closer to nature as well. A comfortable and private house where I could freely do anything I want to, be wild, diva, dramatic, or so.



Working in a foreign land isn't easy and I sometimes tend to forget about my family and friends. If good luck would be in my favor, I truly wanted to spend more quality time with my friends and family. I want to have a getaway with them, road trip, food trip, or simply stay at home, do a movie marathon, and just have fun. And one of my dreams is to own a bus that I could convert into something like a house where we could stay and sleep wherever we go.



I recently became a Hodophile, a person who loves traveling. It has been a dream ever since I was younger and attaining it would be my great achievement. Besides, traveling would allow us to see the world and the people in it from a different perspective. It would allow us to appreciate more the beauty and benefits of nature. And to experience a different life in a different place is something I always wanted to obtain. I just want to collect beautiful memories and photos from different places before I get old and incapable of traveling. At least, once it happens, I wouldn't have regrets in life and I could happily leave the world peacefully with beautiful memories in my mind.



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"Success is a journey, not a destination." -Zig Ziglar

Many always set success as their main goal. But you know what makes it worth taking? It's the journey. Because sometimes, those set of goals could give us pressure and burdens in life, especially if they seem hard to achieve. And that's the main reason why I don't like setting goals in the first place and I just want to go along with the flow of life and let my boat take me to my aim.

But I would call myself successful once all of these are achieved, especially the freedom I truly desire in life. Success is not just about obtaining things we wanted or money and achievements. Even saying "NO" is a success as well. We should learn how to say no at times and not allow others to control our lives. Because we are the captain of our own ship, so we shouldn't allow anyone to take the wheel. Let ourselves navigate our journey because, in that way, we wouldn't regret the outcome or the byproducts of our actions.

You can set goals, but don't forget to dance along with the wind, surf along with the waves, seize the beautiful moments, and of course, learn how to appreciate our life and the world. Because that alone can be called success.


Just keep smiling and never stop dreaming!

I learned that this vision/dream board was introduced by Oprah Winfrey. And you guys know who she is. A must to follow!

What about you, what's on your dream board?

Thanks for reading.

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