Self Improvement

Let's work together & pool our collective knowledge to help each-other move towards improved health, wealth & happiness.

Through the years I have learned a huge amount regarding continuous self improvement. I have devoured every resource I have stumbled across along the journey of life.

I know from reading posts on Hive that many of you have a similar yearning to be better tomorrow than you are today. I think it's a great idea to form a community in which we can all add to the narrative, creating a resource that can help us learn & develop strategies for success in any area of life we desire it most.

Feel free to share your goals, ambitions & achievements with the community and do take a little time to learn about what others are doing to fashion a better life for themselves and those they love most. I hope we develop leaders, mentors, coaches & find support when we need it most.

If you have a setback, feel free to talk about that here too. Often the so-called failures are the greatest teachers of all.

Life is a one way trip, let's help each-other make the most of the adventure.


- Please only post to the community if your content is related to success, failure or health, wealth & happiness. I want this community to be a resource that is easy to search & find helpful tips, tricks & tools to help us achieve the goals we aspire to most.

- Be respectful to others & their ideas. Something that works for one person may be entirely opposite to what helps another to success. We are all different and our minds are unique, so too, are the tools that we utilize.

- Although I will finding new & unique ways to reward members who add value to the community, I do NOT want this to be a community that comes together with the aim of financial rewards for posting. The reward should be the empowerment of each-other, the amazing resource we are building here and a collective nudge toward our goals.

- Please, please, please do not plagiarize or spam within the community.

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