It All Started With A Dream Board To Multi-millionaire

Such inspiring to hear stories about rags to riches. They are those people who motivated me to work hard to achieve my desires in life, the real freedom from burdens and obtain things that bitter life deprived me of. I may have things in life that others don't and take opportunities that others didn't. However, I'm not halfway yet to my ideal life, my ideal destination.

So each day, I'm always inspired to move forward but look backward if necessary, until I could say, "this is enough, I can now stop from here."

I remember one day, I read an article by @FarmGirl wherein she showed their so-called Dream Board or Goal Board. I wasn't sure though if that's how she called it, but similar to it. It is like a board where she pasted the photos of things she and her hubby wanted to achieve in life. I am certain that some of them have achieved already as these couples are hardworking.

Last Sunday, this video appeared in my recommendation and as I watched it, the vlogger featured a high school graduate Filipino who was once a market vendor and a dishwasher who became a crypto multi-millionaire through his hard work and effective strategy. Along with this was his dream board that motivated him to pursue his dreams.

Every time I saw this kind of video on YouTube, I will definitely watch it as I always learn lessons and good strategies from those crypto influencers in my country. There are a plethora of Filipino who started from rags to riches in the crypto world. And I wanted to follow their paths. Because why not? There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a good life. Not just for myself, but my family as well. Hopefully, someday, I could achieve it. And I'll claim it!

Back to the video...

The man in the video is called Shun. A Filipino with ordinary life before and became a millionaire through the help of cryptocurrencies and P2E games. He started working as a dishwasher in a famous Filipino restaurant with a salary of more or less $5 a day only.

He learned about cryptocurrencies way back in 2015. And while working, he's researching more about cryptocurrencies and started to invest in them little by little using a small percentage of his salary. He did the literal "buy low, sell high" principle and continued to learn how the crypto market works, and applied effective strategy he obtained to gain more profit.

But how did he become a millionaire in a short period?

In December 2020, the P2E Axie Infinity boomed in the market and since he already has knowledge about cryptocurrencies, he invited his friends to build a guild with him. Shun with his 3 friends invested Php100K in Axie Infinity and build their gaming guild called SSLV Axie Guild.

From 10 scholars from December to April 2021, it grew to more than 600 scholars when Axie released its rolling chain and allowed its users to breed new Axie. And that's how he and his friends became millionaires in the crypto world. Shun currently investing in Pegaxy as he saw potential in it as well, and in just three weeks, he was able to get his investment back and he just keep the profit rolling to earn more.

Some effective strategies I learned from Shun include:

  • If you believe that a token will increase in the future, don't pull out and just hold and wait.
  • Spend less from your profit and save more for projects with potential in the future.
  • Reinvest and keep the profit rolling.
  • If a P2E token has potential, buy at a low price, then sell when it boomed.
  • Don't forget to DYOR and always invest what you can afford to lose.

Aside from effective strategies, Shun also plays as a scholar of other managers. He didn't stop playing just because he earn well already. I also learned from Shun some of these lessons that are worth noting, and youngsters nowadays should take these into account.

  • Dream high and never lose hope.
  • Don't be in a rush, build your dreams slowly and pursue them consistently.

Some people think that cryptocurrency is only for those with money, but no it's not. There are a plethora of opportunities in the cryptoverse that you shouldn't miss. We can even start from scratch and slowly build a portfolio from free opportunities in the cryptoverse.

And for the young generation today, if you can spend more on your vices and unnecessary things, why can you think for your future and invest in something worth it? Like projects in cryptocurrencies for instance. We just have to learn which is valuable and not, and cautiously dive into it.

And if I were you guys, instead of spending a lot of data in playing mobile games that only ruin you mentally, and watching unnecessary videos, why not spend your data on crypto blogging platforms like and, or take the opportunities in the crypto world that could give you profit for free? It certainly is much worth it than wasting mobile data on unnecessary stuff.

Think of your future. Don't just spend but save more. You can enjoy life, but practically. Because the world keeps revolving, it keeps evolving and things keep rising. The affordable yesterday can be expensive today, how much more tomorrow? The free in the past have price tags nowadays. Not even the vegetable in your neighbor's garden.

But most importantly, don't stop dreaming and never lose hope. Don't ever think that you couldn't do something, because we can do anything only if we want to. And success won't grow overnight, so if you really want to achieve something, then pursue it. Don't just list your goals down, move your arse and reach them. Don't just slack and rely on others, learn how to grind independently.

It all started with a dream board in which Shun worked hard to pursue his dreams. The financial freedom he once dreamed of is already in his hands and other desires are just within his reach.

And remember "Success is a journey, not a destination."

Why not make your dream board today, and pursue the posted goals tomorrow?

Thanks for reading.



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