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img_0.782600834109017.jpg Our first plane date in Butler, Pennsylvania

Today all things are new at work. I am in training to learn the new work application to process incoming calls for my job. It is two hours into training and a painful process as everyone attending struggles to gain access to the new training documents and training application.

I'm trying very hard to sit patiently, but my right hip flexor muscle is very tight. I'm sitting on a hot pad. The hip goes south quickly when I'm sick and forced to sit and lay around recovering. Remind me not to contract bronchitis again! Right now I'm eating a fast bowl of cereal. Nothing has tasted good since I got sick, but I keep forcing food down.

Jeff was hoping to fly me to dinner yesterday after church since our Piper Cherokee (1962) plane is fully operable again. He's flown solo a few times this year since the plane passed annual inspection. It took almost a year to ugrade the plane radio so that the plane meets all federal aviation specs. Jeff also needed to replace one of the two plane's gas tanks. I have yet to fly this year.

Jeff experienced two issues on flights so far. The first issue was when one of the three airplane tires blew out upon landing. A pretty $300 later and he installed a new tire. He took the plane up again, this time with my two grandsons last weekend and, again, upon landing, a different tire of the three blew out on impact of the landing strip. The plane has a total of three tires which were the original tires installed from the manufacturer in 1962. It was definitely time!

Jeff ordered a second tire for $300 and he replaced that tire last week. All three have been replaced so we should not experience future incidents. Fortunately, no-one was injured and the tires blew out at the airport we rent the hangar to store it. The boys just said it was bumpy on their landing.

Our hope is to fly the plane to Florida for the first time on the first weekend of June to visit my son in Fort Myers and my sister in St. Petersburg. Jeff has neck disc replacement surgery May 26 which is only eight days prior to this proposed scheduled vacation, so it's unclear if he will be healed enough to be able to fly. The trip will take approximately eight hours with one scheduled stop for fueling on the way down. I will not be able to reschedule the vacation, most likely, this summer if we have to cancel due to availability for time off. I work in a health insurance call center. We bid for our time off early each year for slots based on metrics and seniority. Jeff's surgery is necessary because his hands are going numb from the nerve issues, so his health takes top priority.

Meanwhile, the trainer struggles to provide access to sound for a training video and I'm laying on my bed praying this training goes better soon.

Have a wonderful day!

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