Dreams do come true

Alex Lowry,18 scored on his Rangers debut tonight and won the man of the match award.
At the post match interview, the interviewer asks Alex "How was it?"
Alex Lowry replied laughing "I can't grumble. I have been here since I was ten, it is a dream come true tonight!"


Hola Hivers and welcome to the Weekend

That was my fifty word entry to the #ZapFic50Friday (week 13) challenge by @freewritehouse with the prompt **grumble ** check it out here

Although I have paraphrased, this is actually a true story from tonight 21st January 2022.

I support Rangers Football Club, and tonight Alex Lowry did come on as a substitute and did score the first goal. He also did win the man of the match award and he did do a post match interview.

You can read about his endeavours tonight here

Dreams do come true

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

Lead image from Pixabay user sasint and source

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