I see a mighty ship sailing the seas.

I feel like writing an ancient story about a king and his lost treasures.

"Mummy tell us some bedtime story" the children clamoured together as I carefully tucked them into bed. Kathy and Jimmy kept chattering as I tried to tuck them in.

"Yes mummy, tell us about King Bastian and his army" this time it was Jimmy, my youngest son. The King Bastian story was his best bedtime story.

" No mummy, tell us about the mouse and the cat," Kathy protested.

"No mummy.."

"Okay I will tell both stories" I said cutting in. If I had not cut in they would have continued arguing and that would make my work of tucking them to bed harder. "I will tell of King Bastian first before the mouse and the cat"

With that the quiet down and listened attentively.

" Once upon a time in a long lost kingdom, there lived a strong fearless king who loved to travel. He was feared by his counterparts and revered by all. But he was a wicked man. He made his subjects work hard in the mines and paid them in penury. They king's of the neighboring kingdom had tried to dethrone him but not one of them succeeded because King Bastian had the strongest army.

One day he set out on a selfish quest. He journeyed to the far east deep into the seas. No one knew his reasons for setting out on this journey, because it was known all around the kingdom that no one who has ever set out onto the sea far east ever made it alive. The seas would swallow whoever that traveled in that direction. According to the great fishermen of the land there lived a great sea monster at that part of the sea. But the king, being brave and without telling anyone any reason at all, set out to the far east.

*Days after he had left, it was discovered that he had set out with all the king's treasure. His intention was to conquer the sea monster and set up a kingdom at that side of the oceans. *

Unfortunately the king has not returned till today. Nobody knew if he survived and had started a new kingdom there or whether he died in his quest. It is believed that his ship had drowned with him and his armies and treasures in the middle of the sea."

By the time I could finish with my story the kids were both fast asleep. I kissed them goodnight and blew away the candles before retiring to bed.

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