What i think about private nurses

An AI private nurse, cute right?

Talking about private nurses is something that always makes me very
grateful and it is that I have different reasons why this of private nurses causes me grace because at the precise moment when I listen to these words combined, they bring me the memories of a woman from the province that I met, in this case of Maracay is a province that is an hour and a half or two hours from Caracas approximately I can not be precise but a province and
this person I met through a chat service that there was for one of the phone operators here in the country in this case it was when I had the Digitel line
and because of this digitel chat, I met this lady from Maracay who I regret not being able to remember her name.

The truth is that I do not remember her name so for this episode, I am going to call her Maria a generic name.

Maria was a nurse but not private, she was a nurse well it can be said that yes, private because she worked in a private clinic it is different from the concept of a private nurse that I have. But well Maria was a nurse in a private clinic and she told me all the things that she had to do to patients, who had to bathe them, that had to be very patient with them, to talk to them and many times she had to know how to handle relatives of patients, who many times they were more difficult than the patient himself, because they did not understand certain things, certain care in certain ways as the ones that these people have to be treated.

I remember Maria and the concept that I have of the private nurse, is the nurse that a person contracts, so that he goes to his house to take care of him, to give him food, to give him injections, to take care of him, that is the concept that I understand from a private nurse.

Knowing maria did me a lot well to me, because I learned to respect the profession of nursing, I learned to listen closely to everything that has to do with the care of older people, and this brought me closer to this profession through.

I remember that Maria, I met her I was talking to her on the phone via text message, like a month, and already the month she decided to come and meet me, we met that same day, what had to happen that day happened, that I am not going to tell you!, do not be curious hahaha, and then she left
again to her house in Maracay, I accompanied her to the passenger terminal she boarded her vehicle, and left then over time we lost contact and I admit that I wanted to see her again, because she was a very nice person, a very nice and very polite woman, so this is the the impression that I have of the private nurse.

If you have come this far, I thank you for reading my publication and this has been my contribution to the five-minute daily message of @mariannewest



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