Looking at snow

Looking at snow

Look at the snow, it is something that I really can not say that I have experienced, but I am going to talk about it from the perspective of a person who is outside and who has only seen it on television and in movies.

The snow is that white fluff that I see that gives so much happiness to people during the cold months, I only look at people as they look at the snow and I imagine that they have that feeling of serenity, of peace, even when the temperatures are below zero and they are almost freezing.

Looking at the snow is like seeing a white blanket that is protecting a whole winter day, that is giving warmth to that winter day. There is something very special when looking at how the snow falls slowly from the sky, it is like a feeling that completes you, it is like inner peace, it is like magic.

I could even say that it is something celestial, to see this cold beauty falling from the sky.

And when I see all those snow fields, I appreciate all the beauty and greatness of nature, it reminds me of all the power that nature has and the peace and happiness that it can give us, to see a reindeer or a deer crossing a field full of pines, in my mind, I imagine this scene, it is something that gives a feeling of a lot of peace, a lot of calm.

To see yourself surrounded by all this great nature and to look at the snow around us.

And besides, it is not just a pleasure to be able to watch them, from what I see in the movies and from what my friends say that they are in countries where they can enjoy the snow, it is also very fun.

I see how in the photos and the videos and in social networks they make snow angels, they build snow dolls and they also make balls and they throw snowballs or they make a little snow war.

So it is very typical and very fun in these seasons.

Snow is the symbol of winter and especially of the Christmas season and it is a beauty of nature.

I imagine myself in one of those countries where there is snow and looking at the snow from my cabin through the window, I paint a very beautiful image, it is very calm.

In addition, snow is a great matter or theme of inspiration, especially for photographers who use it a lot to put in their photos with the snowflakes, it is a great theme of inspiration.

And at the literary level and in art, its symbolism can be used a lot, representing innocence or everything that is pure, pure feelings.

In reality, it can also be a great metaphor for life, representing the fragility of the snowflakes being so small that they build big mountains and they can even create avalanches.

So I think that snow and looking at snow brings us many benefits and it is very fun and this is what I think about snow.

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