The Awareness

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As Lilian came on stage, glamorously attired like a Princess and radiating gracefulness in each delicate but firm step she takes while holding her head high up and treating the crowd to a charming smile. In all, she looked every inch glorious!
The young man who was the master of ceremony ushered her to the microphone and gave a low bow before stepping back for her to take full control of the wildly cheering crowd, the charmed crowd.
"Wow!" I don't really know how to start but I must confess I never expected such a heart warming welcome!" Lilian said in her soft silky voice that made the words roll smoothly out of her mouth like a well oil wheel. She went on to narrate her early childhood experiences, from a drunk and irresponsible father to a struggling mother and the thousands of nights she and her six other siblings went to bed on empty stomachs.
She told them how she could not started schooling early and her subsequently being taken to stay with a relative upon her Father's death and how she hawked daily. She hawked before attending school in the morning and resumed few minutes again after school. She pressed on about how she never let all this challenges weigh her down but used them as a propeller to her present elite status.
"In all your struggles, do not feel inferior, fight, cry, push, drive harder, dream and never feel weak for you are special and glorious. This is my advice to the GIRL CHILD!"
She gave a low bow and once more flashed that charming smile that melts the heart like wax before the heat. She had no doubt the awareness she has embarked on will change many a girls lives.

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