Kaleidoscopes 82: Sumarism

The 82nd edition of kaleidoscopes is out. And no restrictions. Almost as in the pre-covid time. Generated reality through the kaleidoscopes will show us the way out. The new reality is started to run.
Are we waiting for the second wave?




You won't get the answers here. Here's just reality from different perspective. This are my monthly photos edited and transformed into kaleidoscopes by Mehdi kaleidoscope filter for Photoshop and Distorsion DPL effect in Paint.net.




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Colored Circles,
Optimism, Globisolation, Psycho Fork, Mess Talk,
Into The Woods, Terminus, Nevermore, Hopebringer,
Wet Voices, Pending, Active Decembrist, Saturated Servant,
Mandis Jam, Hybrid Stake, Aural Wax, Thinking Machines,
Rambling Ico, Vanishing Point, Forkissimus Zoid, Gemini Warning,
Cibola Fire, Nemesis Expanse, Wizard Lizzard, Scrambled nature,
Busy mantra, Grateful Straw, Stoned mechanic, Wet Dreams,
Coldness, Timing Illusion, Predictables, Mixed Reality.

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