Kaleidoscopes 77: Mess Talk

Hello Steemians!

The 77th edition of kaleidoscopes is out in this messy, chaotic and unstable times for the witnessess and Justin. Who will survive? What is the next step?





But, where's the rest of community right now? It seems that community is stronger than ever.
Well, here, in this kaleidoscopes you won't find the answer. This is just a different point of view of reality (read: all this mess) from content creator who just wants that the chain will be stable in the near future.



Kaleidoscopes are generated using a Mehdi kaleidoscope filter in Photoshop and a Distortion DPL effect in Paint.net.

Oh, btw: If you want to see something real in "Psychedelic Space" just listen the conversation with Tron Representative Roy with Steem witnessess...it's like cat around boiling porridge...

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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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