Kaleidoscopes 73: Wet Voices

Hello Steemians!

Five days ago, the Pending collection of generated kaleidoscopes was posted. The new one, seventy-third in line is out.
I still insist on the kaleidoscopes I generate from my latest photos.
This again means that kaleidoscopes are just one kind of view of reality that, as we all know, is fleeting...




For generating these visuals I'm using a Mehdi kaleidoscope filter in Photoshop and a Distortion DPL effect in Paint.net.




If you want to watch movable kaleidoscopes, take a look at the latest VJing: Recycling Mania 5 where Twitter video chunks are used for generating kaleidoscopes:

If this doesn't play you can watch it at BitTubers

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Enjoy the rest of the day!
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