Walking in the Rain-Soaked Neighbourhood

The weather is changing— after many months of extreme dryness, the sky is pouring down to earth making it all tender and more revitalising. Green leaves are emerging like a metamorphosis— creating sharp contrast in the surroundings.

Some Random Dudes Walking By :p

Well, the intention was not to feast on the greenery sites far from my home but to burn some calories as I need to take care of my growing stomach— it looks weird, lol.

Also, there was company. They had other purposes and I thought why not utilise this opportunity to take some photos?

Close to the capital city, it is one of the few green university campuses you will find in this part of the world. Geographically, this area was once surrounded by tiny hills and dense forests. I heard from elderly residents that they were afraid of the wild animals living in this area and after dark, nobody wanted to come out of their houses.

Those days are gone now— the concrete building has claimed most of the parts. And farmlands are claiming a few areas yet to be developed. If I come back here after 5-7 years, I think I won't be able to recognise it.

Hiya Hooman!

Anyway, the pride this locality used to foster is still apparent in some places— look at the sloppy roads with repeated bends, and the leftovers of destroyed hills. And the red earth is proof of its ancient origin.

Tried to Tweak the Sky but Ruined it

We walked through the villages, starting from the concrete roads to muddy ones— from the crowd of thousand buildings to desolate farmlands; where the sky is still azure blue and jackals play hide and seek underneath.

It was getting dark due to the forming clouds and so, we rushed to our shelter— not that we were afraid of wild beasts but to ease our exhaustion after walking for 1 hour or so.

But we didn't leave empty-handed. Some wildflowers, the smell of fresh sprouts, and the southern breeze after heavy rainfall made us aware of the change the environment is experiencing.

Not sure if you guys can see the detail, but they are amazing

Some Nameless Flowers

And trust me, it doesn't look good what's coming.

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