1 year on Hive & CTP Talk

Hello everyone,


Every now and then I get ahead of myself. I guess it depends on how you look at things. I just checked my anniversary day for Hive and it says I joined on the 5th of Aug 2019. So it seems I have been a day ahead of thinking I made it. But after this post, it will be 1 year worth of posts. So today does mark one year worth of posting and being here, but tomorrow is the official anniversary.

On the graphic this morning I thought I would show what I have accomplished. I don't know what anyone else but I find it amazing. I really am alive on hive. I feel like after this milestone I should have all kinds of wonderful words and advice to give but it still comes down to the basics: Show up everyday, post everyday, engage everyday. That is how I got here.

My regular readers will know everything else I am about to post. What have I done over the last year?

The biggest thing I have done lately is start My Hive Swag Store and here is a screen shot. But I hope you will follow the link.


I am Alive Challenge by @flaxz has been one of my highlights. Close to one third of my time on Hive I have been involved with the best challenge. It has added, I think, a lot of depth and reflection to myself and to hive daily workings on Hive.

Curation Trail Is something I started also. I believe in this idea sooooo much. I hope you take the time to click the link and read about what a trail can do for you. We have 35 fantastic members at the moment. I have not shouted out them in awhile so here it goes:


Last and not least for this post is @jongolson and CTP Talk & Click Track Profit. I am here because of Jon and CTP. I would never have come to the block chain if not for him and his program.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Don't forget you can follow me on twitter: Join me on Twitter and check out the #hive5 challenge going on, on Twitter by @nathanmars.


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