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Here comes a long post. Going to repeat all of my first post about joining a curation trail then going to add to it about how your vote follows the trail and settings.

First, what is the point of a curation trail? Basically any post that I up vote, everyone that is part of my trail will also up vote that post. Why is that a good thing? CTP Talk members, new CTP Talk members that are not got many up votes will get more. Any content that I think is really good and I up vote will also get the backing of the community automatically. You can set your trail up vote to what ever you want. Even if you set the up vote to 0.01. Imagine if we had 100 people in the trail, that would be a 1.00 or 1,000 people in the trail that would be 10.00 to the post. Fantastic stuff. A little difference can end up making a giant difference to our community.

So how to get started. I am going to give a guide here:

First you need to go to ( and register. If you have not already register there. If you have fantastic :)

If you have not registered you will get this screen:


After you are registered you may need to log in:


I use hivesigner to log in:


You may or may not need to import your account here. You will know if it asks you. Just follow the instructions.

You also may need to click that green box below to add @sttemauto to your account's auths. Thanks @rcaine for the screen shot.


Once you are logged it you will get the next screen. You will not see "bradleyarrow" you should see your own user name.


Okay so now you are inside. Click on the Curation Trail button:


Type in bradleyarrow in the search for a trail and click search.


Click on Follow!

Next you will need to set up your settings. I think this is where I need to expand on my explaination.


Enable - Needs to be checked.

Voting weight: As you can see this gives two options: Scale voting weight and fixed voting weight.

Let me talk about Fixed voting weight first. If you use fixed voting weight and say you set it to 50 percent. Every time your vote automatically follows the trail you will be using 50 percent of your upvote. Example: If my vote weight is 10 then I always give 5. Always. No matter what I do as the trail leader.

My recommended is using Scale voting weight. Easier to just give an example or two.

If your voting power at 100 percent is 10 and your Scale voting weight is set to 50%.

My voting power at 100 percent is 10.

I vote 100% giving a post 10, you come in at 50% for a 5.
I vote 50% giving a post a 5, you come in at 50% for a 2.5.
I vote 10% giving a post a 1, you come in at 50% for a .5.

Hope you get the idea. And the power of scale voting weight. But in the end it is up to you for your settings.

Don't forget to click "Apply to selected trails" when done.

I hope this little refresher helps.



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