Matrix-8 White Paper (Abstract & Part 1)

The Matrix-8 Solution White Paper

This is an update to the original Combination Introduction and White Paper Post written by John Huckel nearly two years ago.

This updated version was also written by John (@matrix-8) incorporating suggestions / edits from @snider and

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Part 1 – An Overview

The Matrix-8 Solution is an Internet-based Bottom-up Governance Utility. It will always own itself, and be directed by its members.

Real Time Democratic Processes are possible for the largest of groups. It could handle the population of the entire planet. And no one ever has to deliberate with more than 7 other people at any one time.

The Matrix-8 Solution organisation will likely operate as an autonomous DAO/DAC like entity, without any dependence on any external legal organisation, and be developed in a Web3 environment.

Part II – The Underpinnings

In basic operation it operates like a seamless mashup of Chatrooms and Crowdfunding sites.

Uniquely, it resolves the Democratic Trilema; it can rebalance the Pareto 80/20 Rule; Anonymity is assured, robust Internet Trusted Reputations can be established; and the Tragedy of the Commons can be resolved.

It reflects Human Nature and is both spiritually and philosophically sound.

Part 3 – Battle of the Globalists

The Mob (99% of the population) under the 1% Globalists' 7,000-year-old Bureaucracy are all but powerless. The Mob utilizing the Matrix-8 Solution dwarfs the power of the Elite.

It's unlikely that the Powers that Shouldn't Be will take notice of this empowering means of association - until it's too late.

Part 4 – Follow the Money

The Matrix-8 Solution appeals to the spirit of Freedom and Responsibility in Sovereign Individuals.

As a commercial venture the Matrix-8 Solution could be HUGE!

The Network Effect guarantees incredible gains for anyone who invests in this nascent project.

Politicians who adapt to the requisites of the Matrix-8 Solution would have a decided advantage over their opponents.

Consider how much money could be generated by using the Matrix-8 Platform to augment or completely replace the standard voting rigmarole at various levels in different jurisdictions. At just $1.00 per voter the potential profits are staggering.

Anyone can join for free. And just for recruiting others—who can also join for free—when this takes off, the Mob (the community members) will reward you (by concentrated consensus) for your efforts.

The intention is that the Mother Platform keeps itself well insulated in its use of the Utility Tokens planned. If they are never sold, but only donated into existence, and if there are never any contractual agreements regarding them, it is hoped that the SEC would never have jurisdiction to regulate the Mob Mother in any way.

Part 5 – The Mechanics of Consensus

Interlocking small groups of 8 form a growing matrix. Although the size of the matrix is unlimited – no one ever has to deliberate with more than 7 others. The structure is mathematically described as a Fractal Cube.

Repeated Surveys will continually group Participants for concentrated Agreement, until Business Plans are adopted, funded and deployed in the Real World.

Part 6 – A DIY Project

In a DIY fashion, Matrix-8 Platforms can now be assembled from various utilities currently available on the Internet. They would be a bit clunky – but workable.

Part 7 – Trusted Reputation

Using Blockchain to keep track of how Participants interact on the Matrix-8 Platforms, a Participant's reputation can be factually complied and recorded – all the while maintaining Participants' Anonymity.

The American Dream of Sovereign Individuals freely enjoying their Human Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property is possible through Governance under the Matrix-8 Solution.

Part 8 – What do we do next?

Join the Cause Group to create the 1st Matrix-8 Platform (see links how to join at the bottom of this post).
Become knowledgeable about all aspects of the project (read posts and ask questions in the New Age dApps Matrix-8 Hive Community).
Spread the word.
Recruit others.

The Matrix-8 Solution White Paper


Part I – An Overview of what the Matrix-8 Solution is and who I am, and who other Founding Members are.
Part II – Historical, Anthropological, Psychological, Mathematical, & Logistical underpinnings
Part III – Why it will result in a Battle of the Globalists
Part IV – Follow the Money
Part V – The Mechanics of the Fractal
Part VI – A DIY Project
Part VII – Trusted Reputation
Part VIII – What do we do next?

Part I

An Overview

This white paper is to introduce to you The Matrix-8 Solution – the apotheosis of LLC-DAO’s. It actually offers a way out of Society's current dystopian mess. It just needs your understanding and support.

I know that that may appear to be an over-the-top claim – but it's true! Consider a platform that could handle billions at a time to facilitate the Democratic Process. It could change the Participation, Deliberation, and Voting aspects of Governance in a similar manner to how Blockchain has changed Finance. At a minimum, it could make improvements to the voting methods currently used. At the extreme, it could completely replace Governments. And along the way, it could be a hugely profitable platform, because it offers unique valuable services across the spectrum of large organizations in the public sector.

But as far as actually replacing existing Governments goes, envision a New World Order in which there are no rules made by the Powers that Shouldn't Be. Imagine a Global Society where everyone who had an interest in any aspect of life could have their say. Imagine a Society where projects could be democratically deliberated, voted on, and funded, all with Anonymity. And importantly... imagine a Society where once your group's decisions were made, there would be no lawful Force applied on you to comply – if you decided to disassociate yourself from the group. If wanted to stay in the group, you would agree to abide by their discipline, but, if you were not in agreement with the decisions made and the direction headed – you could simply disassociate from that group with no consequences. You are now imagining the world as optimized by the Matrix-8 Solution.

This DAO (or similar decentralised entity) will always own itself.

The Matrix-8 Solution will likely organise and operate a a DAO/DAC (or similar). And in true DAO fashion, this DAO will never be controlled by other than itself. Developed in a Web3 environment, it will grow organically through the united efforts of folks like you and me – folks who can see the incredible benefits for themselves and their families, and for societies worldwide that adopt its methods of Governance. It is important to make the distinction: Government implies force, Governance does not. Once you understand that the Matrix-8 mechanism entrusts control of the group to the Sovereign Individual – it becomes a real no-brainer.


I am not a programmer, businessman, disciplined investor, or successful marketer.
I tend to give gratuitous lectures about a wide range of topics.


I am a philosopher who has developed a coherent worldview based on Human Nature.
I hold a personally-evolved foundation of spirituality, outside of any established religion.
I cherish the American Dream, as delineated in the sacred founding documents of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
I have developed and sold an amusing board game teaching the realities of the wealth pump of inflation and deflation.
I am an as yet unpublished best-selling author of facts and fictions.
I was born a pre-Boomer WASP.
I have been employed as a paper-boy, office worker, cook, counselor, tutor, and salesman.
I speak English and Spanish.
I have been in 48 of the 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii).
I have visited 15 nations on 4 continents.
I have lived in 3 nations, and am now an ex-pat.

Caveat and Challenge

Since I am ignorant of many of the skills necessary to create what is necessary for the first operational Matrix-8 Platform, this White Paper will be more focused on the logic and philosophic underpinnings of what I envision. I want to convince you that it could work. If you are convinced that it could work, then I want you to join us in seeing if it will work. The potential benefits to your own life and that of future generations are enormous!

Other Core Team Founders
A former successful businessman turned Yogi, discovered Blockchains & Crypto (specifically Steem Hive), nearly two years ago, and immediately began learning about, writing about and sharing about The Matrix-8 Solution when he found the original White Paper in January 2020.
Atma is committed to the team to help bring The Matrix-8 Solution into being & use. You can learn more about Atma from his Hive Blog here and from Atma's Hive Introduction Post from January 2020

@snider was recruited by Atma (via an interesting interaction on Twitter) in September 2021, and Tweeted this in November.

Snider is the Project Lead & Open-Source Developer at Lethean, a Private Coin and dVPN. He is in the top 2% of coders on You can learn more about Snider and his skills here.

To become involved in The Matrix-8 Solution Cause Group and help to grow this Evolutionary Project, please
Join the New Age dApps Matrix8 Hive Community

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You are encouraged however to join the Matrix-8 Element Room, as Element is required to access the
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Read The Matrix-8 Solution White Paper (Part 2) Here.

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