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Anonymity is key
Anonymity is the single most important aspect of the Internet as regards Freedom for the individual. It is senior to Blockchain itself. It is an underlying prerequisite to all decentralization mechanisms from financial, to governmental, to just secure two-way communication itself. Up till now the sanctity of Anonymity has greatly complicated establishing a system of Trusted Reputation. The problem has always been: If everybody is anonymous – how can you tell the difference between a real honest participant on the platform, and a bot or criminal? And prior to the Matrix-8 Solution – you couldn't. Now you can!

eBay as a model
The best system to date regarding reputations, has been what they employ on eBay. Obviously, someone who accumulates a bunch of bad reports will be less trusted than someone whose reputation is spotless; and that's bad for business. I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. But something which isn't emphasized enough is that there is a qualitative difference between someone's reputation in a chatroom and someone's reputation on eBay. With eBay there is actual commerce which takes place in the Real World. It's the difference between make-believe and reality. On eBay a participant has to demonstrate his or her responsibility by actually performing with money and goods – not just talk about it.

As everybody knows, a chatroom entity can lie his or her head off, and suffer no consequences other than having to occasionally change their username. On eBay the practice of perfidy is a little more involved. Someone with criminal intent has to lay low and spend time buying and selling honestly, in order to accumulate a good reputation. Then, under cover of that reputation they can rip somebody off for some major cash. The next day they could reappear with a new account and play the gotcha game again. But it will take some time being nice before they look innocent enough to be trusted again. And playing in that manner, they will never attain a really rock solid reputation.

Now, someone who's been on eBay for years and has a good reputation would be loath to lose it, and in effect have to start all over again. Dealing honestly with others and keeping a good reputation is just good for business! Someone with a spotless record for 5 years will get more sales than someone who is new, or, quite obviously, someone with a lousy record. Demonstrated responsibility pays off. Social Media platforms are much more liable to provide success for the dishonorable, because the criminally inclined basically has nothing to lose when he or she gets called out for being a lying SOB. They just put on a new mask, and they're ready to go again. So, when we are talking about reputation, we see that absent some measurable Real World activities proving responsibility, it will be very difficult to establish a reliable system leading to Trusted Reputation.

The Matrix-8 Solution is superior
Enter the Matrix-8 Solution! Like eBay, this platform is geared towards Real World activities – not just chatter. Where Blockchain shredded traditional centralized banking, the Matrix-8 Solution can potentially undo centralized governance itself. It can just facilitate, or completely replace any Democratic Process currently in use by large numbers of participants. (If we play our cards right, some day we might be able to say goodbye to Government!)

And the Matrix-8 Solution has many applications outside of repairing governments. It is the next evolution in Crowdfunding; and as such, it will be a huge money maker. I call this evolution: CauseFunding. It will allow participants to gather around a Cause, and themselves fund whatever project they are pursuing. Using the Democratic Process, a Matrix-8 platform is geared to providing open-ended Participation, excellence in quality Deliberations, secure Voting, and the reaching of universally understood actionable Accords. And, most important to our discussion – it surpasses any other system out there regarding establishing a Trusted Reputation.

Think of a Matrix-8 platform as an agreement factory. Unlike the normal chatroom discord, the basic mechanics of the Matrix-8 Solution involve facilitating the members of a large group to continually refine and expand their agreements. With the intention of actually getting something done in the Real World, participants will assemble anonymously in congress on a Matrix-8 platform. In broad strokes, the platform operates as a combination of a well-ordered chatroom and a Crowdfunding platform. But, it acts differently from traditional Crowdfunding platforms in that it is not geared toward seeking donations from others. It does not start with someone with a Business Plan looking for funding. It starts in a chatroom atmosphere with a Cause being discussed by a number of people looking to do something to improve the situation. These folks are then led to develop their own Business Plan through detailed Deliberations. Those participating in what I call a Cause Group, will generally raise the bulk of the monies needed from themselves.

Pure Democracy is possible
Let us assume a Save-the-Penguins Cause Group of 8000 participants. As we have all experienced from the loud and unruly chatroom environment, Pure Democracy is thwarted there. To date, history has taught us that with such a large group, to arrive at solutions with maximum efficiency – the form of a Representative Democracy is the best way to go. But with the Internet, a Matrix-8 platform vastly improves on that model by breaking the large group into small groups of 8 according to their shared agreements. Disagreements are minimized, and no one ever has to deliberate with more than 7 other people at any one time.

At the start, guided by the results from a relatively generic questionnaire regarding how to best save the penguins, those 8000 Participants are grouped into 1000 small groups of 8, called, 8-PAC's. 8-PAC is an acronym for 8 People in Active Communication. Then, by utilizing the form of an ever-expanding Fractal, Pure Democracy can be attained for the larger group as well. The fruits of the Pure Democracy attained through Deliberations in one small group of 8 is shared by its Delegate, with the Delegates from 7 other small groups of 8, the process just continues until the whole of the 8000 have reached an understood Accord about what to do about those penguins.

Fractal Cubes?
This system of association is new and may therefore be difficult to visualize. Think of an 8-PAC as 8 folks sitting at the corners of a large cube. After some Deliberation, the folks in their cube elect a Delegate to exchange their data with the Delegates from seven other similar cubes. Those 8 Delegates form the corners of a larger cube. This is the next level in this growing fractal of cubes. You can see some pictures of Fractal Cubes here. The first level cubes each represent 8 participants. The larger second level cubes represent 64 participants, the third level 512, etc, ad infinitum.

The essential dynamic difference between standard social media chatrooms and these small groups of 8, is that the folks on the Matrix-8 platform are not there just to argue about things. They are there with the intention of finding agreements with their peers, and actually getting something done. When the 8000 participants arrive at their final actionable Accords – it will often be in the form of a Business Plan. And since getting something done in the Real World generally comes with some costs connected to it, each participant will be expected to pony up their share.

Judged by your peers
This is where the Matrix-8 platform is similar to eBay – now we are talking about real money! Any participant who has been playing along in the discussions, and pledged their share, but fails to donate it will be in immediate disgrace. No responsibility! And, thanks to Blockchain, that black mark will follow them forever. It would take a lot of good works for such folks to move back up and into good repute. That is a most obvious way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Critics complain that on the eBay platform folks can bribe others to give them an undeserved good rating. The Matrix-8 Solution makes such bribery impossible. This is because nobody knows nobody! And all dealings between 2 group members are done in front of 6 other people.

Anonymity, which has been such a stumbling block to arriving at a Trusted Reputation, can be seen—in the case of a Matrix-8 platform—to give an added boost to any participant's Trusted Reputation. This is because by the time someone enters into the matrix, he or she has dropped their real name, their username, and is known within their 8-PAC only as #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, or #8. Quite different from Cheers – nobody knows your name; nobody knows nobody. Only the data is discussed. And in accordance with Anonymity being the holy Grail of the system – anytime anyone is found revealing their Real World identity in order to sway their peers, he or she will be immediately censured for such an act. And that too is a black mark against them. While the Matrix-8 platform need never know anyone's real name, their User Name would be negatively affected.

There is another aspect regarding establishing Trusted Reputations on a Matrix-8 platform, and this one is unique to the Matrix-8 Solution. In our group of 8000, it is expected that it may take a while for deliberations to percolate up and down the levels before a Business Plan is agreed to. So, just as there is an initial questionnaire necessary to group the initial 8-PAC's by agreement, there may be 4 or 5 further questionnaires employed to continue consolidating agreement. Each time there is a new questionnaire, the existing matrix of interlocking cubes completely dissolves – no matter how many levels are involved – and new Level 1 8-PAC's are formed. Then, as before, Delegates are elected from those new 8-PAC's, and the larger matrix is reformed organically, level by level. So, new folks are being mixed together all the time. And each time a new questionnaire is taken, along with questions about penguins, each participant is asked to evaluate each of the other 7 participants in their 8-PAC. Each participant in an 8-PAC would be asked to judge their 7 peers according to various general categories – scoring them from 1 to 10. Helpful? Knowledgeable? Responsive? Punctual? etc. These grades directly from one's anonymous peers, with whom one had been deliberating over days or weeks, would likewise be locked into the Blockchain. This record is not just what is said about a participant, but also what they say about others. Over time, a very accurate interlinking profile of participants would emerge.

And since this platform will include all the bells and whistles of standard chatrooms and Crowdfunding platforms, plus introduce the innovations of CauseFunding and the dynamics of governmental Deliberations and Voting – it is expected that folks will tend to stick around. Once someone experiences the fulfillment of actually doing something to help their beloved penguins, they will look around for the opportunity to join other Cause Groups championing more of their favorite causes. And their Trusted Reputation – not their Real World identity – will follow them from cause to cause.

The American Dream
The Matrix-8 Solution was not created as the means to solve the problem of Trusted Reputation on Internet platforms. It was created as the means for Sovereign Individuals to create what can best be described as the American Dream absent intrusive Government. Life, Liberty, and Property can truly be assured only when men and women take responsibility for themselves, their families, their friends, their acquaintances, and the natural environment in which they all live. Quite obviously relinquishing our power to representatives who promise that they have our best interests at heart is a fool's game. We can do what is needed to be done without the Powers that Shouldn't Be. Mankind does best when ruled by its Human Nature – not when it is ruled by some individual's or some group's assertion of what it's Human Rights ought to be.

Celebrate the fact that the Matrix-8 Solution makes Trusted Reputations possible. But more importantly, join us to create the first working platform. We need to take control NOW! It can be done, but the way things are going in the world we may not have much time.

Together we can do it,

John Huckel @matrix-8

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