Introducing a new Community "HIVE MEMORIAL FOREST"

A quiet and dignified place on the Chain where we can remember those we love and had to let go. Obituaries of people and animals we have loved and lost find a place here to be carved on the Chain in perpetuity.


A few months ago I was looking for a suitable community to tell the 13 years journey of my dog and me. I didn't find anything, so I asked @thekittygirl if there was such a community on Hive? She replied in the negative, but she was immediately excited about the idea of creating just such a place on the blockchain.

And so she helped me create the "Hive Memorial Forest." She also created the little logo with the heart and the so appropriate text "always in my heart". In the meantime for me a lot has happened in my Hive life. It went up and down, a lot of new things had to be learned.

But today, when I saw a post from @jerrytsuseer here in the community I knew, I finally have to write this community introduction post. And here we go.


The thought behind it is that we all face grief and loss in our lives. For those who would like to, there is now this community where they can write a wonderful obituary for their beloved but lost souls.

I think and hope reflecting on and writing such a posting can also be healing. At least for me, it was an important step in saying a loving goodbye to my dog and letting her go.


I don't want to make any big rules for this community, but what I do want to emphasize:

Posts about people or animals we loved and lost.

If you are active in the Hive Memorial Forest, please be sure to behave as gracefully as if you were visiting a cemetery.

The rest are not rules, but suggestions:

Make sure it's your own photos, but also that you are allowed to use the photos and consider whether the person and also their heirs would want these photos to be seen here. For example, in this case you could write a post without personal photos of the person.

When it comes to celebrities, first look at the existing posts to see if someone has already written about them and then maybe decide to write a good comment there.

If it doesn't feel right for you to receive rewards for such a post, then you still have the option to either decline the rewards (decline payout) or possibly set a person or community you want to help as the recipient of the rewards (beneficiaries) This is completely up to you. I remember struggling with this in Minja's post, so I just want to mention these options here.


For further ideas and suggestions I am very happy, possibly there was also the thought from @thekittygirl to organize a competition for the banner and logo, what do you think? With @siphon I was a long time ago already in conversation about ideas, but we have lost it again from the eyes.

Another idea would be for example to pin a post where everyone who wants can put sayings or quotes on the subject in the comments?

So please use the comment section of this article to share your ideas and exchange them with others! Reblogs and comment tagging from people who might be interested in this topic are most welcome to help get the idea out into the hive world.
After I know your opinions, there will then be an official community post with the guidelines.


I wish for this to be a wonderful place that also reflects this sad, yet hopeful part of our lives. A place on the Chain that is not as loud and colorful as most, but quiet, reflective and deep meaningful.

In memoriam of our loved ones.

Greetings from the heart yours, B.

german version can be found in the comment section
all photos by @beeber

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