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Last Time on Space Lore ZT

Log 13 by @zakludick

Specialist Aujuk and J5 were babbling in an ancient, undecipherable electronic language, leaving Thorne and Captain Freyai out of their depth.

Meanwhile, the Queen ordered her drone-like bugs to form together, building wings and a shell enveloping her, getting ready to hunt those down who’d stolen the Ocophial from her.


Space Lore Log SLZT#13


Freyai spotted a vessel approaching the Lazarus Falchion earlier while Specialist Aujuk and J5 buzzed in their ancient, electronic communications. As with Thorne, she too couldn’t stand idly by listening to this undecipherable language.

After spotting the vessel, she decided to have a closer look via a direct tracking system, since the standard, cargo trackers only updated periodically.

It was moving fast. Faster than the Lazarus Falchion had been even after its modifications.

As J5 told Thorne about the vessel, the captain aboard the Pathfinder XVIII suddenly spoke over the still chattering Aujuk.

“You’ve got company and they’re approaching fast.”

J5 briefly paused, then responded, “I realize that. They’re moving two-thirds faster than our maximum speed. There are no identifying codes.”

“Yes, I noticed,” Freyai said, “The only information I can gather is their estimated size and speed.”

Specialist Aujuk seemed to have snapped out of the clicking and buzzing communications earlier, as he contributed.

“I’ve only ever read about vessels such as these. Every known ship in the galaxy has a blueprint of sorts, which is virtually impossible to remove. The Collective ensured this standard after the great war.”

Specialist Aujuk was pacing back and forth, as he pieced the puzzle together.

“In another ancient scripture, there’s a picture of The Collective, fighting against a ship which appears similar in size to the one we’re seeing here. Scholars to this day still debate these matters. Some believe it’s simply a tale, designed to hide the fact that The Collective themselves travel in unmarked ships.”

Thorne couldn’t help but chip in. Finally, there was a conversation happening that he could understand, but they were also in the path of an unmarked ship.

“Okay, this is all fascinating information, but we need to get moving,” Thorne said, as he looked over at J5’s display, yet addressed the bot directly.

“It was nice to meet you all, but right now, I’d like to try and survive.”

J5 reverted to his buzzing, pauses, and clicks, quickly followed by Specialist Aujuk. Thorne threw his hands up in the air.

“I can’t believe this is happening. As if one bot isn’t enough to deal with, there’s another half-bot guy and some strange ship that’s likely going to eat us for breakfast.”

That’s when J5 logged off and disconnected the communications.

“Thorne, we have one choice available.”


Aboard the Pathfinder XVIII, Specialist Aujuk updated his captain, while feverishly working on some modifications.

“J5 said he needs our help and you stated that you wanted to.”

“Yes, Aujuk, but merging our ship with theirs. It’s just so, permanent.”

“Captain, I understand your distrust,” the cyborg was referring to Captain Freyai’s generally cautious approach when it came to others, even her own species.

She’d left her planet behind many years ago. Even though she never mentioned what had transpired, auk’ilit weren’t prone to leaving. Specialist Aujuk knew something extremely traumatic must have transpired.

“We’re running out of time captain,” the cyborg said as he stopped dismantling some panels.

“If we don’t head towards the Lazarus Falchion right away, it will be too late.”

Captain Freyai drew a deep breath. Even though her primary, logical brain was able to suppress her more emotional, secondary one, decisions like these weren’t easy for her.

“Are you certain, this, J5 isn’t setting a trap,” she said, attempting one last objection.

“If I’ve ever been 99.999999% certain, today is the day.”

Freyai had never heard the cyborg use more than a 99.999% certainty rate. Whatever their discussions were, it had him convinced.

“Very well Specialist Aujuk. Please carry on doing whatever it is you’re doing.”

Freyai turned on her heels and headed towards the bridge.

“Navigator Khree. Set a path towards the Lazarus Falchion. I need full speed and propulsion.”

“Captain? That’s the ship that attacked us –“ Freyai interjected.

“I’m aware of that and there’s no time to waste. Get the engines ready immediately. We need to reach that ship before the other one does,” Freyai said, pulling up a large display at the head of the bridge.

Navigator Khree knew better than to debate with his captain.

After a few swipes on his screen, he called to Captain Freyai, monitoring the large display showing the ever-closing ship towards the Lazarus Falchion.

“We’re at 90% thrust, Captain.”





Navigator Khree pushed a glowing red button on the left of his console, confirming 85% of the ship’s power went straight to the engines. This was the maximum that could be sent to the engines, as the 15% left was required to maintain the basic operations of the rest of the ship. There was no power for shields or to launch weapons, as Navigator Khree pushed forward on the accelerator, sending them flying at high speed towards their target.


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